iOS App Slowdown & Lag

(Brandon Billingham) #148

Vaguely better but not great


Latest TestFlight release, 2.14.0 (452), on iOS 12 is a huge improvement for me :raised_hands:

(Andy) #150

Good news! Look forward to trying it next week!

(👨‍💻) #151

I received a payment to my account this morning. In these circumstances I send money to my pots and transfer money to other accounts etc. Since being a Monzo user over a year ago now, this was the most frustrating the app has been. It lags between tabs, it freezes when you try and move the account/ pot tabs across and it took several seconds before the balance reflected the transfer I had made.

Good to hear improvements are made for the test flight version, however I do hope they push that out to everyone sooner, rather than later.

(Jack) #152

(Matt C) #153

Can anyone access these beta testing versions, or just certain people?

(Jack) #154

You have to be on a list, but the list is currently full. We only get it about 4 or 5 days before everyone else though.



After a reinstall due to some crashes… The new app is blazing fast compared to the old one.

Very impressed!

(Matthew Morek) #156

For the past few months I’ve been having heavy performance issues on an iPhone 7. The transaction feed is very slow and choppy to scroll, often resulting in even 1-2 seconds delays.

In addition I was never able to successfully tap that small cross on declined transactions and remove them, since it seems to bounce back. I think using a swipe gesture would be more intuitive.

Any reason why this is still in after a few months?


The new Test Flight app (which will hit general release in a few days), has vastly improved speeds!

It’s 4 or 5 times quicker on my iPhone X

(Jack) #158

Hi @matthewmorek

I’ve moved your post to this thread where there is an ongoing discussion,

Hope you don’t mind. There are improvements being worked on.

(Dan) #159

Can also confirm the new TestFlight version today is vastly faster :slight_smile: iPhone 7

(Matthew Morek) #160

How do I get on the beta via TestFlight?


See here…

(Caspar Aremi) #162

Oh yes, the new TestFlight is muuuuuch improved, I can tap on the Accounts tab and swipe my pots without any lag :muscle:

(Jack) #163

Wooo it is a lot better on TF :sunglasses:




Ok Monzo, when will the people who can’t access test flight get the update that solves the lag as it’s getting worse in my opinion and needs fixing for the masses ASAP as new customers will not be impressed

(Is Santa here yet?) #166

Should be next week, generally there’s a week between them

(Jack) #167

An app reinstall has helped some users so it’s always worth a try :slight_smile: