iOS App Slowdown & Lag


Release notes don’t mention tab switching, only feed scrolling.

I guess they’re doing it in stages.

(Matt C) #129

haha :rofl:

(Matt C) #130

Ah, I didn’t clock that. Thanks!

(Tom Snape) #131

Mine seems to be slow scrolling through transactions still (Stuttery) and switching tabs seems to be a few seconds, but I have noticed improvements when refreshing the summery tab & sliding through pots!


So there is. Fancy.

Oh hey I can now manage my card’s permissions in two different settings pages for some reason. Yay?


Got a screenshot of the new settings? Android here, no change yet :no_mouth:

(Is Santa here yet?) #134

Yeah. At least we won’t go to the wrong menu

Also this isn’t centred and it’s annoying me


(Is Santa here yet?) #135



Speaking of not centred, the PIN/Freeze/manage buttons are wonked to the left. I’m getting well nitpicky.

(Is Santa here yet?) #137

They look fine on a 5s

Edit: no, you’re right, they’re fine with the card but not the dots under

(Tom Snape) #138

Thanks for pointing that out… Now it’s going to bother me :frowning:


They’re wonky on your screenshot!

(Is Santa here yet?) #140

I edited, I looked at the full page and didn’t notice as the card’s aligned


Certainly is a little faster for me than what it was, but I still have the black screen when loading the app. Still very slow though.


Just updated on the latest iOS 11.

Scrolling is pretty snappy now, and it’s fast to get back in if you’re just reopening the app.

If you clear the app from the iOS multitasking screen and reopen it then you get a black screen however. Switching between tabs is slow enough that I couldn’t work out if I’d clicked the icon properly.

(Matt C) #143

Same for me unfortunately, hopefully they will fix that in the next update!

(Chris Black) #144

Just used my data to update to the new version of the app that says the lag is fixed, that’s how excited I was ! But unfortunately is the same lol


I’ve still got the same problems too after the update. Laggiest tab buttons I’ve ever used. they takes several seconds just to switch to another tab. Think the account tab is the slowest. It’s painful.

v2.13.0 iOS 11.4.1 iPhone 7

(Nigel) #146

I am having the same lag issues even after the update. The tabs in particular are incredibly slow.

(Charles de Dreuille) #147

I just updated the app but I don’t see any improvements. The feed is still quite long to load and switching between tabs is just really annoying. When I’m on the payment tab I always have to wait 2 to 3 seconds before seeing my friends. I mean, they generally don’t change so why does it have to reload every time.

I also find the app opening longer than before. It stays on the Monzo logo around 4s every time.

Really guys, please do something about it, the experience is really starting to be annoying.