iOS App Slowdown & Lag

(Andre Borie) #108

Although in this case it’s right, “working for Apple” is by no means an indicator of the advice being correct. Apple will churn out BS by the bucket in an attempt to silence legitimate issues, and even their employees will be taught the same nonsense. Remember the issue with the iPhone 4 “antennagate” and their “solution” of making the signal bar taller? :joy::joy:

(Jonathon) #109

Sadly I have noticed a very noticeable lag in the app of late - scrolling is jagged and it doesn’t feel quite as slick as it used to.

(Glenn Lewis) #110

I didn’t always share the info they gave me. Like when they bought Beats, and I was supposed to start being nice about them, yet I still gave people an honest assessment of their quality … :zipper_mouth_face:

(Caspar Aremi) #111

It’s making the app painful to the point of unusable to be honest. I’m not ready to close my account and switch because of this, but it’s taken what used to be a delightful experience and made is frustrating. I know one Monzo staff member replied earlier in the thread but could we get acknowledgment it’s being investigated properly?

(Jai Sullivan) #112

Agreed, let’s hope it’s fixed soon.


I’m pretty sure I saw one of the Monzo devs say it was actively being worked on, and should be fixed within a couple of weeks (this was a week ago).

(Caspar Aremi) #114

Jordan posted two weeks ago saying it would be fixed in the next couple of weeks, but nothing since then about whether they’d located the issue, let’s hope no news is good news.

(Naji Esiri) #115

@caspararemi This is being worked on now! There has been some really good progress in improving the speed/performance of the iOS app in the last week, including scrolling and load times. The team are working on getting tab switching to the same stage.

(Brandon Billingham) #116

Just updated and it’s even worse. It’s almost like Monzo need to stop pushing updates till this is resolved as every week it’s a step backwards.

(Caspar Aremi) #117

Great. I think I’d assumed it was just one part of code playing up and affecting the app as it started happening very suddenly for a bunch of us, but it sounds like a bigger piece of work.

(Charlie) #118

It’s clearly an issue with loading so many transactions? Surely you just make it so it only loads, let’s say 100 and you will need to scroll down to load more (like the forums here does) and tab switching isn’t that big of a deal so if you have already fixed the main page and general lag then push that update! We can wait for the update regarding tab switching but this transaction lag and opening the app is getting very close to unbearable.

(Jack) #119

App update 2.13.0 (450)

  • Cold boots are slower than last release (black screen hangs for ages).
  • Opening after first launch, super quick (no more black screen)!
  • Moving between tabs was fine for me before but it’s since got slower with this release.
  • everything else seems fine :ok_hand:t3::slightly_smiling_face:


This a TestFlight build? 449 seems to be the one on the App Store.

(Jack) #121

Yes my post was relating to test flight :slight_smile:

(Matt C) #122

Great - this is the thing I am suffering with the most!


Ay up.

(Tom Snape) #124

Hows everyone getting on with the new update? Noticed any speed improvements?




(Matt C) #126

The lag between tabs seems to be better, but still isn’t perfect. That being said, it might be my phone to blame! Other than that it definitely seems better.

(Is Santa here yet?) #127

Bit better but not like butter yet. Maybe peanut butter

New settings menus tho