iOS App Slowdown & Lag


It did not. I get a black screen for a second or two, then a zero balance and then my feed appear. It’s laggy between tabs too. I’ve been a customer since about Jan 17 I think.

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I’ve been complaining about this for quite some time now.

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The Monzo App on iOS is indeed really slow on my end. I shared that to the customer support team and there was also quite a few bugs on iOS X and they told me they were focusing on getting out new features first before ironing all these bugs.

I personally feel that the Monzo experience today is really damaged by these slowdowns and bugs. I like new features but I would not compromise for a good experience.

Sometimes it takes around 4 seconds to load my list of friends or to switch between tabs. And forget searching…

But I guess this is the price to pay to be better than the competition.

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Just to add to the thread, also having issues with app performance on iOS 12 (iPhone 6s Plus)

I would say that I’m only having these sorts of performance dips with the Monzo app, so while it could be beta related - it does feel a bit too suspicious.

Having issues where you tap on something and expect an action, it doesn’t happen so you tap a couple more times and eventually you get like 5 profiles loaded or something.

Scrolling performance in the transaction list is pretty rough, but also just switching tabs etc takes a good second at times!

Tried reinstalling, clearing session, restarting device etc

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The Monzo iOS app is embarrassingly slow right now. I promise we’ll fix this in the next couple of weeks.

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I had this issue and @Rika told me it was because I had a refund that was larger than what I had spent that day, it’s something they were looking into but not sure if it’s been fixed yet. Same scenario for you? Did you have a refund/money going in that day?

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I love monzo, and now monzo is my only bank account. THE APP is what is all about this bank. Whats makes MONZO is the app. If the app is down then monzo is down.
I do love that you guys focuse so much on the new features that you want to get out there and be better than others but if the app is so laggy and slow, think what new of hundreds users would think.

I have last version of iOS 11, on iPhone X. Please people stop saying to uninstall and reinstall, or factory reset. Because is only Monzo app going this way, and no other app at all.

They should release the last feature they work on and fix the app asap. I love monzo, but it annoys me extremely much !


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Awesome. Thank you/team for looking into this! Excited to have the app back to full speed!

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“We’ve prioritised working on improving the performance of our app (so it’s quicker!), building a new lending product and helping you earn interest on a savings pot instead. After listening to your feedback, we think these features will be of most benefit to all our customers, and help us make the most impact on our company goals.” From


Issue: The application is super slow and unresponsive. If I click on a main menu tab, e.g. “accounts”, “payments”, it takes a good few seconds for the new menu to load up. I’m not sure if this is actual lag, or just poor design in the sense that some data is being fetched and there’s no indicator to show that details are loading in the background. If the latter, caching and loading icons would make this far more responsive. Switching back and forth to the same tab has the same delay. Switching buttons has a delay of 2-3 seconds, as well. Overall, it’s either very laggy or very unresponsive (visibly so when compared to other apps on the same device).

I have reset the app (via settings) and also tried reinstalling. Since then, scrolling up and down in the same tab works better at least. As for the rest, little change.

Details to reproduce: Use the app
Device: iPhone 6 Plus
App Version: 2.10.0

Screenshots: N/A

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I’ve moved your post here ( hope you don’t mind ) to a discussion ongoing about iOS performance. Luckily it’s something that’s now being looked into so hang tight!


Thanks, missed this thread. Might be worth putting this into the About the Bug Reports category thread, so people with the same issue can easily find this thread.

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@HughWells great suggestion above :slight_smile:

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Performance issues seem even worse for me after today’s TestFlight release - anyone else? All balances and spent today showing as 0 for a few seconds on launch before updating; logos not updating for a good few seconds on new transactions (as well the already reported stuff around switching tabs etc.).


It’s not too bad - It just takes a minute or so to warm up :joy:

Looking forward to the iOS improvements!

(Jai Sullivan) #80

Same, they can’t come quick though! :joy:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #81

Still a good few seconds between Home > Summary > Account etc

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2.11.0 is fine on an iPhone 8 running iOS12 Beta 6.


iPhone SE here and the app is painfully slow. No other app on my phone performs anywhere near as poorly. I really hope this gets sorted, given the whole benefit of Monzo centres around the app. I’d guess this is due to pressure to grow a successful business and so things like core stability and performance take a back seat to headline features. I just hope they find a way to prioritise performance sustainably - I.e. not just a knee-jerk reaction but long-term.