iOS App Slowdown & Lag

(Andy) #228

Off topic but LastPass was updated at the weekend to work with iOS 12. It’s such a joy to use now!

(Michael) #229

To add here, the latest version on TestFlight is a dream. I noticed a few bugs in it initially, reported them and the following day they were fixed and much quicker experience.

No doubt it can still be quicker, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

(Is Santa here yet?) #230


(Is Santa here yet?) #231

It’s :heart_eyes: so :heart_eyes: much :heart_eyes: better :heart_eyes:

(Andy) #232

It’s like they dumped an entire can of WD40 in to it. I’m so happy

(Matt C) #233

SO. MUCH. BETTER! Thanks :slight_smile:


Currently updating!


Updated, seems quicker, less of a black screen when loading.

Turned off my Touch ID settings though :man_shrugging:


YES! Much better!

Well done everyone involved.

(Dan) #237


This is genius


Other than a crash on first launch + scroll for me, it’s definitely improved, if still a teensy bit less than buttery when scrolling.

(Jack) #240

Hefty update size!

(Andre Borie) #241

Yeah, I’m not sure how much it used to be but over 200MB for a banking app (which is just a glorified REST client) is outright crazy.

(Jack) #242

Can’t hate on those high res images of hot chip :sunglasses:

The app size is comparable to Starling.

(Talon Fast) #243



It feels like every app is massive these days.

Pretty sure I downloaded a calculator app for over 200mb the other day!

(Adam) #245

Much better. Thank you.

(Tom Snape) #246

Didn’t notice any difference after updating but once I closed the app and re-opened it, it seems to have sprung into life! So much better!


It’s mostly because apps use so many third party libraries for analytics and so on.

Then you get an app like Overcast which IIRC is entirely in-house, and comes in at less than 12MB.