iOS App Slowdown & Lag

(Hugh Wells) #188

Which version are you running please @Rjevski ? :pray:

(Andre Borie) #189

Running 2.13.0. Had to do my expenses recently which involved reviewing 2 months worth of transactions and changing categories on them. It was absolutely horrible.

I didn’t think it was possible to screw up something so simple as fetching JSON from a server and displaying it.

(Hugh Wells) #190

I’m really sorry to hear that :disappointed:

If you’re on the TestFlight, you should be able to get an update which has fixes in it - otherwise, 2.15.0 is rolling out next week I believe

(Andre Borie) #191

I’ll try TestFlight but honestly not holding my breath at present. There were multiple promises of fixing this on TF and I have yet to see any significant results.

I’m not sure what you guys are doing and what is the cause of this; it’s a really simple task of fetching data from a server (off the main UI thread) and displaying it; not rocket science and every app out there manages it just fine.

It’s sad because Monzo used to lead the way in terms of banking apps; now it’s way down there at the bottom, the only redeeming factor for me (and why I’m still using it) is customer support and brand loyalty.

(Hugh Wells) #192

There should be on 2.14.0 which is on TestFlight :pray:

There is going to be a blog on this later today I believe. In short, the issue was the pace of development meant some shortcuts were taken and these came back to bite when people started having more transactions etc. Not only have we spent time fixing these bugs, but also thinking about how we can fix the development process to avoid a similar think happening 18 months down the line :+1:

In the interests of transparency, here are some of the notes:

That is really disappointing to hear and I am truly sorry. Hopefully 2.14.0 and 2.15.0 will turn this around :raised_hands:

(Dan) #193

Is 2.14.0 going to hit the App Store? Or are you expecting this version to not get published and go straight to 2.15.0 next week?

(Hugh Wells) #194

2.14.0 is in TestFlight but won’t get published, app store will go straight to 2.15.0 next week :+1:


Another week of this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I too was doing quite a bit of my finances this and last wk. I had to stop using monzo and have gone back to using my Halifax card. I was in the process of having my salary paid in to monzo but asked them to put a stop on that as a result.

I won’t be using the app until it’s all sorted and will be waiting a long time before considering getting my salary paid in.

So glad I didn’t Cass everything over :pray:t2: I thought salary first and then move some direct debits. So glad I didn’t now

(Andre Borie) #196

2.14.0 is definitely better on the transactions list view, but still not perfect. Returning from a transaction detail view still isn’t instant and there’s a half-second lag spike (presumably because it’s doing something on the main thread yet again).

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #197

So slow… between home and help is at least 1 second on occasion

(Andy Smart) #198

:wave: Hey folks, I’m not sure if another iOS engineer has posted on here but I’d like to add my apologies and reinforce that dramatic improvements are coming in 2.15.0, which is scheduled for Monday next week (and Thursday this week for our testers).

I’d like to add some context to the screenshot Hugh posted earlier, we’ve identified a bunch of regressions to things which should have been handled off the main thread (the process that draws the UI in iOS apps, and should only be responsible for drawing). We’ve made some changes in 2.14.0 but due to a crash bug that wasn’t released to the App Store on Monday like normal, so it is delayed by a week.

These are the first step to rectify the immediate problem, but we will be making incremental improvements on this going forward, we’re also setting up proper monitoring for performance issues so we don’t end up in the same situation.

I’m posting a blog post on this next week for those who would like more info, but I’d like to state that this falls way short of the experience we set out to build, and we want to get things back on track ASAP - thanks for bearing with us so far.

@Rjevski - you hit the nail on the head here, we messed this up - and the new builds revert changes that caused this to happen. The smaller main thread blockers aren’t network related now (stuff like map rendering, and some interactions with our model, etc), but we will be working on making this smoother going forward.

(Andre Borie) #199

Doing more tests on 2.14.0, the account, payments and help tabs are still just as bad. You can try this yourself by opening the app and then spam-clicking the tabs at the bottom; you’ll see that the app will often get stuck on one of them (and then quickly catch up and process the queued touch events).

(Matt C) #200

Thanks for posting - I personally appreciate you taking the time to explain what is going on and understand that it will take some time to properly fix the issue (rather than sticking more plasters over it). I also appreciate you guys holding your hands up to having done some stuff “wrong” and taking ownership of that. Very refreshing.


Just downloaded 2.15, and credit where credit’s due… It’s blazing fast (and the crash issue on JA’s seems to be gone).

(Jack) #202

FYI TF 2.15.0 is out.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #203

2.15.0 seems faster now

(Jack) #204

Yep seems good for me too

(Ryan Kirk) #205

I’ve had to go back to Starling temporarily today. The app is almost unusable today :grimacing:

(Andy) #206

I wish I was on TestFlight now! Only a few days to wait :pray:

(Matt C) #207

I just updated to iOS 12 beta and the app is a lot slower now. Ooooops! Looking forward to the next update!