[iOS] Add Tags & Notes to All Transaction Types

There’s all sorts of discussions around this going on, but kinda wanted a central place to highlight what you can & can’t add tags & notes to… I’d hope with the latest (TestFlight) release including updates to allow you to do this to Direct Debits, that it’ll roll out to other items too.

Not Supported

  • Inbound Bank Transfers
  • Outbound Bank Transfers
  • Inbound Monzo.me
  • Outbound Monzo.me


  • Direct Debits
  • Card Payments

Do we know if these are on the roadmap or not. Not being able to tag bank transfers isn’t really helpful, as it’ll help categorise even more of my spending – especially in the run up to this stag do I’m going on… :sweat_smile:


Are you on iOS? I’m on Android and can add notes to inbound and outbound faster payments…

Yup! :frowning:


I hope they cover this off as part of the big list


I have wanted this for a long time. You used to be able to add notes to inbound payments on iOS, but we lost it when the transaction screen was redesigned. After all the focus on bringing Android up to parity with iOS, how about bringing iOS up to parity with Android for this feature? It’s a really irritating omission.

I submitted this request through COops in the app and they said they would pass it on to engineering. Maybe others should as well so they can see the demand for it.

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Why is there no feature to add notes or tags to joint account transactions, like you can with the sole account? With two people accessing the account, it’s arguably more useful to be able to make notes against transactions.

I can on mine, I’m on Android of that makes a difference.

Notes works fine for me as well on iOS on my JA

Ah, I’ve looked in more detail - it seems I’ve only tried to add notes to non-card transactions (like transfers between the JA and my sole account and to third parties) and this doesn’t work for either account. It’s a shame because card transactions already have a lot of information to provide context, but random transfers don’t. It would be useful to add notes to remind myself and my partner what the transaction was for.

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There’s been quite a few requests for this - rather than try and merge them all I’ve just set this as the official idea thread.

It’s very annoying since you can do this on android and the api and even iOS used to be able to do this!


Any update on this?

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Yeah I’ve asked for this many times before. Still a bit confused as to why it hasn’t happened, and definitely annoying that it’s possible and exists on android for transfers, yet not on iOS.


Not expecting a response… but if this is available on Android, it would be nice to know why not on iOS? #transparency…?


This is such a big gripe of mine. Why on earth would you leave out tagging on some transactions. How can you manage your money when you can only tag a partial set of transactions. Infuriating. Long-standing.


The main voting thread for this feature can be found here:

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