iOS 18

Man those dark mode icons must be very power hungry. Battery is much worse on B3

Reddit is completely different colour though. Messenger looks poorly done.

Because they’re not official icons

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That Lloyds icon though :hot_face:

Shame it doesn’t do that on the Home Screen, just the usual white.

Found in the battery usage screen.


I don’t think WhatsApp likes this new beta

Ahh WhatsApp! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still haven’t noticed this.

Music has really broken itself in the latest beta though, the widgets seems to become unresponsive and stop working regularly.

Personally, I’ve found the betas to be really smooth with nothing fundamentally being broken, just little slight bugs.

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Beta 3 has been very smooth for me honestly


Ok… you can stack your wallet widgets showing balances, and then swipe through them :anguished:

What do you mean?

You can add as many of these as you like to your Home Screen in iOS 18, for each account you wish to monitor.

If you drag them and place them on top of each other, it stacks them, and you can scroll :arrow_up: :arrow_down: through it as one interactive widget to see each balance.


Wew, I thought you were saying Nationwide added that before Monzo for a second

Again, feel like there is going to be very little overlap between people who always want to see their balance quickly and people who also don’t care it’s hours behind like OpenBanking always is

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You’ve been able to stack widgets for ages?

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The wallet widget is new, and having multiple over a page was a waste of space.

But yeah I never knew :grimacing:

Also got around the Child&Co not having this option, by adding my RBS card and choosing the Child&Co account when adding the balance feature.

Seems to have worked. Easy swipe from Revolut to RBS balances now. RBS shows account balance, not account and available like most other banks - which is fine as it’ll be bills from it so should update by the time I wake as no card payments will come off it.

Revolut is near instant updates as it’s their own widget. If the others were near instant refresh too I’d maybe reconsider my spending card, or if they added Chase.

Small life hacks :sweat_smile:

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Do you have a standard RBS branded account as well then? Really bugs me I can’t add my balance lol.

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Yeah I have a standard too.

If they ever iron out the all caps and some not caps thing I might run them for both as you can gain reward spend off other cards if at least one is a reward card.

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Wait, so RBS gives MyRewards for non-enrolled cards too?

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Yeah I think it’s in the earn rewards section.

It showed accounts you get rewards for direct debits, which is the one the fee applies to.

Then it shown the cards eligible to get rewards which included both my paid account and my rbs standard.

Head to earn rewards, then on the page, top right tap profile, and then linked accounts.

Below it shows my cards, and then further down the accounts.


Sometimes the Camera doesn’t open from the quick action button