iOS 18

I had to activate it on mine but this was well over 6 years ago from memory.

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Internal data in Activity app, curiosity of Apple

As much as I thought “boy this is a good year” during the keynote, I am now leaning towards underwhelmed.

Home Screen customisation harks back to 2010s Android and in my view dilutes the recognisability of iOS. I’d rather a more thorough revamp of the OS, with more VisionOS and macOS-like icons and UI elements (iOS 7 frosted glass effect, anyone?).

And why did they butcher the photos app? Do Apple devs only have a limited number of tabs to work with and so they needed to take them out of the Photos app to put them into Mail? There are a lot of apps in much greater need of some love.

I’m sure generating a bad cartoon representation of my mum surrounded by cantaloupe melons while wearing a top hat will make me feel much better about iOS 18.


*iPhone 15 Pro Max and later

But I’m sort of with you. I don’t think it’s Apple though; even Android isn’t dramatically different between OS’s.

We almost need to just get rid of the OS numbers and just have updates.

The icon colour changes is an awful decision and I have not seen a single instance where I thought it looks good. It is the iPhone 5C moment for iOS.

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Photos app this year will be like when they butchered safari a few years ago. I think they will rethink it.

The icon customisation is awful - would be much better if they had just copied android’s material you (or whatever it is called) if they wanted to do theming.


I like the new changes overall, I won’t be using the new icon colours feature so it doesn’t bother me.

Unpopular opinion:

The mail app could do with some real love.


I pretty much thought the same as soon as I saw the key note, people posting their new awful home screens has not changed my mind. I will probably play around and then go back to sticking with my home screen as it has been for years.

The other features are starting to grow on me though, there seems to be way more added than I realised.


Looks very nice Apple :joy:, ofc I have reported it via feedback, it only seemed to display one time, next time I went in, it was gone


This is why I haven’t used it for years. The Fastmail app is so much better (and automatically displays text-only emails in a fixed-width font, very important for viewing log files).

It only works with Fastmail as your email provider, though.


The more screenshots I see, the more I feel like simply giving us dark mode icons and the ability to toggle icons to align from the bottom instead of the top would have been enough.


I don’t think anyone was expecting the end of green bubbles. The colour distinction serves a real purpose.

If anything, RCS could have potentially been a third colour.

Yup, my thoughts exactly. I really really hate this. This is the Home Screen equivalent of personalised bank cards.

The Home Screen customisation as it was was fine. It let you shine through whilst retaining its recognisability. This is android and Linux had a baby and it’s horrid.

I hope brands and developers kick up a fuss because the tinting screws with their brand identity too, which might be enough to sway Apple into at least taking the tinting back. I think that’s the bigger problem. Dark mode variant icons I’m cool with though.

I suppose this is what happens when many of your human interface designers follow Jonny I’ve to LoveFrom with no real successor to fill their role.


The tinted icon screenshots I’ve seen so far have all looked far from great.

But I’m still all for everyone having the choice of how ugly they want their phone to look.


People were doing it anyway with shortcuts and custom icon packs.

Apple did it to appeal to the younger crowd that would do it anyway.

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You mean you don’t just love this?


I doubt many will care that the user can make the app icon tinted yellow tbh

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If people don’t like it then don’t use it, I don’t see the problem.


It’s ugly, it goes against everything Apple design stood for, it’s a terrible implementation of desaturate + colour overlay, it’ll lead to less interesting app icons overall if developers just go white background + an icon to work with this new stuff, and it dilutes the “brand”.

People who want it can get an Android phone or do it via Shortcuts.


I dont think it’ll have the impact you are worrying about.

It looks like shit so I won’t use it, if others want to then whatever, doesn’t effect my homescreen. Even if devs start making more simple icons to work with it does it really matter?