iOS 18

Sorry to break off the subject, But how is everyone’s battery? Mine has actually been okay for a first beta of a new operating system

I have been on Wi-Fi most of the day, though, two hours when I wasn’t as I was at the stables

Mines meh, but I’m on holiday hotspoting every now and then for my Mac so not a very good test. My max charge is also set to 80%

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CPA? Sorry no idea what that is lol

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mine seems ok, off topic, I’m mostly just annoyed iPhone mirroring isn’t available in the first beta for Mac yet

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Yeah, I spent like 15 minutes looking for it thinking I was dumb for not seeing it

Is it not? That sucks, not downloaded it on 4G hotspot yet lol

I do hope that the motion sickness accessibility feature or whatever if it’s going to be comes in to play before July as I have a massive six hour road trip coming up and I would like to use my phone

Not driving I hope :eyes::joy:

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nope and it’s been mentioned by a few people elsewhere too and reviewers…the next update will be next week…so let’s see

I missed that…that’s a thing??

Oh God, no. I can’t legally drive, Eyesight issues, cerebral palsy, blah blah blah

I guess I could ride a horse to Penzance, but it might take awhile :joy:


Continuous payment authority.

Like klarna but Apple.


Ohhh fairs. Maybe then

Let’s hope it’s next week then!

Wonder what version they will actually do the Ai on

Yes, When the iPhone detects that you’re in a car, it will create dots on the screen that follow the movement of the vehicle which tell your eyes that you’re moving and apparently helps alleviate sickness


Feel like I’ve seen that somewhere before this beta but could be tripping. Could be I saw it in leaks tbh

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I think you saw it in the leaks, That is where I remember seeing it

A more official source:

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I’m betting on the first public beta.


Wonder if public beta 1 actually gets the Ai or if the Dev gets first like a week ahead

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