iOS 17

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Is there a TL;DW?


Some stuff different

Some new screens in App Store, bashing the side loading in the EU

Font size increase in the podcast app for the lyrics thing, not by much

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Any stability improvements so far?

It seems more stable for me…. But I don’t think there’s anything official

Stickers are fixed if you care about that

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There was a few issues with the previous.

Using outlook email app it wouldn’t open safari when tapping links, it used the third party one from the email app to open them. That’s fixed now.

Screenshots and dropping them was very intermittent which also seems fixed now.

Not noticed much else but those two were the most frustrating.

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I found a bug with the podcast lyric thing

Since going Beta 2 Apple Music has been completely unreliable.

It hasn’t solved my Safari Extensions issues either but I suspect that may have something to do with Hush – it blocks the cookie pop up but must not dismiss it fully and so the invisible overlay is blocking scrolling/page interactions. Anyone has a reliable cookie pop up blocker they use?

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Looks like I wasn’t alone. There have been a lot of posts on Reddit lately, too, mainly from S9 owners. One whose watch even called Emergency SOS and they couldn’t stop it.

I hope this next beta fixes this! Seems to only happen on mobile data

I can still click it and skip through

17.4 db3

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Looks like a bigger one, wonder what’s new this time

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I’m waiting for “Hey guys, it’s Brandon” to be able to see

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Hey guys, it’s Brandon.

Can you tell us what’s new now? :eyes:


Ah yes Mr Burch, probs be out tomoz or later today

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I have a bug where they seem to have X on private browsing tabs, I have to hit just below the X to close them

Hitting the X directly just opens the tab

I see that WatchOS 10.3.1 has brought back the hold then swipe to change watch faces. :frowning:

I took my Series 5 in to Apple for a new battery last week (they don’t change the battery, they swap the watch).

The new one was on WatchOS 9.

Updated overnight and couldn’t change my watch face this morning.

Eventually worked out that I had to hold then swipe and that there had been a new update which was released the day my visit to the Apple shop. Grrrr.

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On your watch:
Settings > Clock > Swipe to Switch Watch Face

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