iOS 17

There’s a definite hotness to it for sure :wink:


Just updated to iOS 17, I’ve uploaded my contact sheet, however upon testing when I call someone (on iOS 17 as well), it doesn’t come up with my contact sheet, just my updated contact picture and a gray background? Is there anything in addition I need to turn on to enable my contact sheet to display when making a phone call rather than just in the contacts app?

Have you shared your updated contact with them?

Yeah I have it set to automatically update to contacts

But did it send (no is the answer).

When ringing it should prompt to share it again - which may force it over :+1:t2:

Ok I’ll have another go tomorrow, as far as I could see I couldn’t see anything that prompted me to share it again

First ios I have not put RC or live onto my DD so far. I will probably cave soon but the dev devices had battery issues and that was worrying given the limited use so I figured I would see what happens in the first 24 hours or so.

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“Live Voicemail is available only in English in the United States and Canada, excluding Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

That’s a shame. I wonder when it’s coming to the UK…

Could have to take into account some data protection considerations like Google’s assistant powered features.

So maybe :soon: or maybe not very soon at all.


So, talking about Homepods, I’ve checked this morning and they seem to have been updated overnight.

But I can’t find any option to drop the ‘Hey’ from ‘Hey Siri’ like there is in iOS 17.

If I call our ‘Siri’ my phone answers, but the Homepods ignore me. Is that only specifically an iPhone feature and not available on the Homepods or should they also pickup on that option as well?

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It’s in Home Settings rather than the settings for each HomePod

Oddly I don’t have that option on my Home Mini (it is up to date)

Aha! Got it now.


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My new contact poster keeps reverting back to my old MeMoji. I’ve set it up three times now. Ah well, fingers crossed for 17.1.

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Interesting, I’ve been on the Beta’s and didn’t have this issue with the contact posters

Thankfully it’s not an important feature so if it doesn’t work: meh :woman_shrugging:t3:

Maybe they fixed a different beta bug and accidentally created this one.

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Not really iOS 17, but by far the most exciting and useful feature to come (back) from Apple in this update round is that (drumroll) Now Playing is back in Watch OS.

For those baffled by my excitement, Apple Watch used to have a small widget at the top of the face you could tap to see and control playback on the iPhone. They got rid of it some time ago. But it’s back.



You could see it before but I had to pin music as a running app.

Frustratingly one HomePod has decided it doesn’t want to update. The app tells me they’re all up to date and I can’t force it to update like I could on iOS 16 :thinking:

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My Homepod Mini got the update last night