iOS 16 Lock Screen widget

The title is self explanatory. Update the old widget for this:

I don’t really need or want this myself. But I remember and miss the days when Monzo were among the list of apps to support the latest features on day one. It set the standard of expectations for a tech-first bank. It’s long gone, and I’d like to see it return where it makes sense.

A balance widget did at some point in time, enough for Monzo to build it. This is the same thing, but for the new Lock Screen. Please.

I know it won’t happen, because it didn’t when I asked for the widget to be updated for the iOS 14 ones. But may as well put the request out there anyway. Vote if you want it.


I’ve voted. And I don’t use iOS.

But I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want… An Android widget. Can you believe it STILL isn’t available on the superior platform? Shocking. Vote away:


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Widgets within iOS sure, I’d defo want that.

Not sure how useful they would be on the lock screen tho.

A daily spend total widget would be useful for me. Just a quick glance at how much I have spent today.


Either that, or your balance you can quickly glance at before double pressing the side button for Apple Pay.

Of all the disparity, and the things the android app has that iOS doesn’t, I’m truly shocked iOS got a widget and android didn’t.