iOS 15

Isn’t that saying because putting the lipstick on a pig improves it? However minor…. I feel the tinkering are quality of life improvements. But still some way to go!

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So I still haven’t managed to move to Safari on my phone, although it does look somewhat better at least…

Re iPad, I’ve been pretty happy from the start tbh, but the recent change to move URL bar above the tabs is brilliant. I would have been very happy with it as was except for the fact that it meant the tabs would resize all the time, and therefore move the touch targets etc.

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One thing I’ve found is that my Instagram just isn’t in the notifications settings so I get no notifications and can’t alter this. Small, so not too big of an issue at the moment.

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Public beta 4 is now out :eyes:

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Whoever thought to put the reload button exactly where I normally press to bring up the favourites/address bar deserves a flogging


I got rid of the ios15 beta when it came out on the first week because I didn’t like the performance. Is it worth giving it a try again?

I’ve been running the public beta since launch on my iPhone XS, and have had nearly no issues from day one, and similarly with the dev beta on my iPad Pro.

Couple re-springs on my iPad and the worst bug on iPhone is my spotlight search not returning apps as quickly as it used to - i.e. previously ‘spo’ would probably have been enough to bring up Spotify, but now I’m having to type out entire names before apps show up sometimes.

So I would say it has certainly improved with each release but I have not had much trouble anyway so perhaps not a very helpful viewpoint.


Thanks. I might give it another chance after the next public release. I will watch a YouTube video on the fixes and bugs breakdown

I find Firefox and Safari both crash a lot. And my phone is also now often stuck on Spotlight search when it should be locked.

Apart from that I’ve been happy.

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I really don’t like the thought of spotlight on the lock screen personally. Have they added a option to turn that off yet?


Is there any plans to add a option to turn it off

There has been an option for years now. I can’t remember when it was added, but it’s been years since I disabled all access to spotlight, Siri, control centre, etc from Lock Screen

Interesting. Don’t remember disabling it previously but it’s never been an issue for me till now.

I think it’s the first option

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I don’t want to turn off today view I just don’t want swipe down for spotlight available on the lock screen. I see there is no option to turn it off

iOS 15 is still trash then. I’ll pass on the BETA for now

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I’ll be honest I have no idea what today view is. I can still see all my notifications (content hidden of course) when locked and as soon as I glance at my phone I can do whatever I want because it unlocks. I don’t think it’s trash

Today view is where you’d wipe to the right on the lock screen

What a stupid name for it from Apple. If I’m not mistaken it has nothing to do with today, it’s just another place for widgets to go. In any case, I go there so rarely (never) that I didn’t even think about it. Sadly it seems if you don’t want spotlight, you have to sacrifice today view too. If you were on the beta you could submit feedback which is the best way to let them know

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I did on day one. That was one of the reasons I wiped my phone and got a iOS 14 restore

Anything else notice that the main navigation (at the bottom) of Monzo keeps going blank on IOS 15? If you restart the app it comes back.


I reverted back to iOS 14 as had to many problems with iOS 15 beta 4.

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