iOS 15

Has Safari always had a swipe down to refresh page gesture, or is it new? If new, it’s a great addition! (Except on infinitely scrolling pages like Discourse topics)

Edit: must be new as it doesn’t seem to work if you interacted with the page in any way after loading.

Hmmm I thought it did but you’ve made me question myself now.

Mine refreshes any time I go back to the top, even if I’ve interacted with the page.

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It’s new! As an application wide feature. Some web apps have already had that functionality, and chat apps tend to opt for a swipe up to refresh.

Been in Chrome for a while. It feel’s half pointless in a browser where the direction of scrolling is downwards. Perhaps pull to refresh from the bottom of a webpage would make more sense?

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Depends on the type of website honestly. I imagine why things like this have been left up to developers. Live blogs will use pull down, and messaging web apps will use a pull up gesture.

I think a pull down approach works best with a native implementation, because it’s an expected behaviour across a lot of apps, and most websites, I think, will work better with pull down than swipe up. Only really discourse forums that I frequent where it wouldn’t work.

The ideal direction depends on where new content shows up. If it shows up at the top, like emails, live blogs, and news websites do, you pull down to refresh. If new content appears at the bottom, like on most forums and messaging sites, you’d want to pull up.


What does the icon between the Wi-Fi status and battery status mean? (iPadOS 15)

I can answer my own question: it means the “work” focus is active.


Has anyone yet really found summary to be useful? I initially set it for 08:00 :clock8: each day thinking it would summarise everything from overnight but it just means I didn’t receive any alerts from some apps all day until 08:00 the next day.

I honestly can’t find too much of a reason for it so far. If I can wait 24 hours for an app to notify me of something then generally I won’t need the app in the first place.


No, I’m the same. I tried to set it to come in 4x a day but it still defeats the purpose of notifications really. I ended up disabling it

Maybe if you only enable it on the most useless apps

Which is essentially an app I really wouldn’t keep on my phone. If I don’t use an app for a while I’ll delete it.

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I mean more like Duolingo. I never had notifications enabled for it because it’s just the stupid owl prodding me. Instead, now I could just get it in the summary once a day, if I could be bothered to go around and change settings

I think it kinda works for those apps where the notifications might be interesting, but often aren’t. For me, that’s new episodes of podcasts, Google news headlines, Strava notifications, and a few other things. I still use the feature but agree it’s not revolutionary.

I went through a vaguely similar process when I got my watch, when I realised that most of my notifications were not in any way time sensitive, didn’t need to come through to my watch, and that I could read them in my own time when i picked up my phone

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I find it really useful. I’m making a conscious effort to not spend so much time on my phone recently. Started using screen time limits and now notification summary.

It means I’m not tempted to pickup my phone for things that can wait. For example a new property on Zoopla. Before I’d pick my phone up just for that then inevitably start meaningless scrolling the other regular apps. Now, that doesn’t happen until lunch time and in the evening.

It’s personally helped me stay off my phone a fair bit.

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Seems like slowly but surely they’ll undo all of the changes. Although I hate that on iOS the share button is back

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At this point I quite like it. Getting used to the bar at the bottom and the permanent reload button at the bottom makes that the main change I haven’t adjusted to. Swiping at the bottom for new tabs is something I don’t use though and the new tabs view is still an adjustment but mainly just open a new tab each time anyway so I can live with it.

What are they doing with safari it is an absolute mess, especially on iPhone. I’m getting worried it’s going to ship like this on the final release.

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They seem to be messing and changing it a lot. So should continue to improve. To add to what I said above. The reload button is only half good. It needs to be fixed next to the share button. It is currently at the end of the url. This is annoying when either trying to reload or to get to the address bar as it is not consistent. See below screenshots. On bbc I just keep reloading when trying to get to the address bar but would be fine on this site.


Do you think what they’ve done since B1 is an improvement?

At this point, it feels like :lipstick:on a :pig: to me.

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