iOS 15

I’ve given up on Safari. The tabs on iPad and the bottom bar covering up content in iPhone just kill it for me.

Fingers crossed they see sense but I get the feeling they’re going to stick with it. Feels very Apple to me to expect every website to adapt to them rather than the other way around.

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Just joined the iOS 15 public beta and I’m really struggling to enjoy it. I feel like Apple has gone in the opposite direction. My main issues are:

Safari: Looks horrible. Simple as

Notifications: I hate the new notifications. With a passion. They are all different sizes which annoys me and the text seems smaller

Time Sensitive: this is just silly. Just display the reminder or calendar notification as normal

Personal focus is the wrong way round. Instead of choosing what you want to hear from you should be able to block out work apps.

Work focus:
Very silly again. Over complicating the operating system. Takes to long to choose all the people you want contact from during work time

Spotlight on Lock Screen is very frustrating when scrolling through notifications before unlocking the device

I can’t continue.
Does anyone else feel the same way as me?

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Definitely agree with this, doesn’t make any sense.

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I agree with many of these points. Please submit feedback through the Feedback app. It’s the only way to get Apple to listen


I have done for each and every point @ndrw
I even made a screen recording of how bad safari handles scrolling on pages. The floating bar gets in the way all the time!


The more I use Safari, the more I think it should be burned with fire. The floating bar causes more headaches than it solves. I try to swipe up to go to the Home Screen? The floating bar has the exact same gesture built in so I might just end up on a tab view screen. Sometimes it refuses to swipe between pages. Other times it just sits awkwardly on top of website elements.

The focus things I don’t know about as I’m lucky enough to have a separate work phone so I don’t need to show/hide apps. Maybe when I need to commute again I’ll have a separate screen for that stuff though… but that’s in the future


Is this exclusive for AirPods Pro, or will it work with other headphones too, like spatial audio for Apple Music does?

I’m not sure actually. I haven’t got any non-Pros to try it with.

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Some changes coming to Safari:

Doesn’t address my main gripes with it, but it’s progress


I feel like I’m forever going to be in the “erm… the address bar is at the top not the bottom” group of people :grimacing:

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People need to grow bigger hands to adapt to larger phones, instead of forcing these annoying UI changes where everything gets shoved to the bottom of the screen.

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Or just provide an option? I tap to change web address far less than Apple seem to think. It’s never been a particular issue and I’ve never heard of anyone ever complaining about it.

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I think it’s not just about the web address, but also their fancy new swipe to change tab system which doesn’t really work for me. I never remember what’s on the next tab so always need to go into tab view anyway

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I’d like something truly innovative. Take URLs: their place is at the top of the screen. But, as a right hander, I’d like to swipe or pull out a drawer for the right hand side, then tap an address button, which lets me amend or enter a web address from whenever my finger is over the screen…

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Think I’ve said a similar thing in another thread but Opera’s FAB (fast action button) in their mobile apps is pretty great and kind of like this.

It disappears when scrolling down, reappears with a tiny scroll up, barely blocks anything on screen. You can then click it for new tab, or hold it and access: back; close tab; search/enter new URL; new tab; your three most recently used tabs; and sending to Flow (Opera’s cross device sharing thing) - all without tapping again or lifting your finger.

Really do think it’s some of the best mobile browser design.

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Firefox is super buggy on beta 3. Constant crashes.

I’d say it’s unusable but I still prefer it over Beta Safari!

So for the past few weeks I thought there was a really really annoying bug which kept enabling do not disturb on my device around 6pm every single night. I even reported it on the feedback app.

Finally figured it isn’t a bug and that my spare iPhone SE 1, signed into my iCloud account, that we use as a white noise speaker for the baby was the source of the problem.

“Focus” was shared across devices, so my wife would enable it when she put the baby down, which toggled it on my phone, I’d disable it, she enabled it, repeat a few times.

Feel pretty stupid right now :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3:


So I turned the notification summary thing on out of curiosity. I now don’t get notifications that I find quite annoying and I have no idea how to turn summary off. Does anyone know?

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Thanks! How did I not spot it :woman_facepalming:

Tbf the search function in settings didn’t bring up anything either

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