[iOS] 13.1 Can't unlock Monzo from chat notification

iOS 13.1 (release build)
Monzo Testflight build 565

I just received a notification from support so tapped on that to open Monzo, was faced with the unlock screen but couldn’t access the buttons because the keyboard popped up (it was not up in the previous app, telegram). Had to force quit to be able to access.

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I’ve had a similar issue in the last few days when I used the chat and then clicked on a notification of a chat reply to open Monzo.
I don’t have the app set to need Face ID to unlock, but it just gets stuck on app loading screen, with the keyboard, and have to force quit.

iOS 13.1
Monzo 3.0.1 (Not TestFlight)

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Happened to me aswell. 13.1 is beta so that’s probably why

Nope 13.1 is out now and I am on the release version.

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Yep I’m on main release not a beta.