iOS 11 Betas


Who needs 32bit apps anyways…

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Me, I had one app I used all the time but the guy stopped updating it years ago but it always worked until now but other than that no one.

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From what I saw, I believe (though I’m not running the beta, so can’t confirm) that you will be able to customise control centre, and developers will have access to the NFC in iOS 11.

Do you turn WiFi off when you’re not at home? I’m curious what the purpose of this would be.


I would assume to save battery.

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If the WiFi’s not connected to a network, and you have disabled the setting to notify you when new networks are detected, I would be surprised if the WiFi had a noticeable impact on battery life. But I’ve never seen any test on this, would be interesting to know.


It stops the phone/tablet seeking nearby WiFi signals and therefore as @HoddzDJ said it does save your battery. In reality if you leave the WiFi option on in many cases it will only detect secure signals that you can not get into without a password. Best therefore to only turn it on when you get to a McDonald’s or a hôtel where you trust their WiFi and are given a password or just have to accept usage terms in your browser

WiFi impact on phone battery

Depending on how much you depend on certain apps, 32 bit apps do still matter.

I updated to the beta yesterday, didn’t realise until now that the terrible parking app used by a lot of parking in Devon (phone&pay) is a 32 bit app. I’ve recently lost my wallet so I had no cards on me, had no cash on me, there weren’t even any NatWest cash machines nearby to use ‘get cash’… Literally had to use a different car park that used ‘paybyphone’ (which is a v good app… lovely interface, takes apple pay etc)

Will they update their app? Maybe eventually… but I don’t see it being until iOS 11 comes out properly and they start getting more complaints…

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Yes it was to save battery - but that was more an example.

Perhaps a better one would be stopping my phone locking / requiring a password when I’m at home.

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Thought I would show the screen recording but also anyone have the spinning wheels on iCloud messages and underneath?


I’m having constant problems with the message storage settings at the moment, keeps crashing my phone.

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Everything is fine for me bar the above and a few apps not working which is normal oh and the occasional slowdowns meaning a restart but yeah all good.


Yeah same here, smoother than the iOS 10 early beta last year, really like the new control centre (although frequently the switches don’t work :joy:)


Oh by the way @Danny… Is your phone taking a lot longer to charge now since using the beta? I only got about 20% charge after an hour yesterday

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@Tommmy yeah a lot smoother, not really noticed the control center just annoyed about the HomeKit scenes being moved.

During the day I use the dock on my laptop to charge it and yesterday it failed to get above 65% and it sat there all day, today it seems ok floating around 98%-100%

Not really noticed any difference in time but my phone is knackered anyway and the 3rd party screen I had has probably destroyed the battery but I had an original put on yesterday and it seems to be ok so far…

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Although I feel that the Android choice may be a case of ‘the grass appearing greener on the other side’; I would like to be able to geofence my wifi in this way. I turn mine off for security reasons (unless running Vypr VPN) and also because public wifi is so awful. 4G mostly out performs public wifi.
I don’t think I would make the switch though. iOS is far better for my needs and more secure. More automation in Android usually means you are selling your soul to Google!

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Messages in iCloud never completing and eventually timing out is broken in Seed 1 and is a known issue.

The second will spin for quite some time depending on how many apps you have on your device and how many files are inside each app container. It’s calculating how much storage every single app on your device uses.

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Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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Beta 2 is out for iOS11 as well as High Sierra, tvOS and watchOS

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Late to the conversation but I have one thing to say on iOS/Android, if you are considering changing to android from iOS I strongly suggest you try and spend a week with it. Only a few people I know have switched to android and stayed. The rest get frustrated with the quality/polish of the OS. Very rarely is it the hardware itself that causes the switch back. And to be honest I do think the iPhone is lagging, I am hoping the 8 addresses a lot of this.

Back to the 11 beta:
I have always taken the beta in the past and in doing so accepting there will be apps I rely on that will not work. This year however I now have my work apps on my personal device that I rely on and I was reluctant to update just in case they break. Luckily, someone at work was happy to be the guinea pig and they all worked :sunglasses: so now running beta 2.

My biggest issue with iOS has always be customisation. While 11 is not a revolution it is adding in the customisations that have previously been bugging me. Hoping more appear when iP8 appears.


I’m loving my Google Pixel. Running the Android O beta and not had to many issues.