iOS 10: in app browser not working


Updated to iOS 10, iPhone 6S, running Monzo 1.6.3 #265 (Monzo was updated before I updated iOS if that matters).

If you try and open the in-app browser to access these forums (via the help button) you no longer get the page loading up but a blank screen. If you hit the reload button it also fails to load. The URL bar and done button are at the top of the page and the other controls are still along the bottom. The URL bar is blank initially and if you press reload it then shows generic text “Website name”.

Anyone else have this issue?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This was mentioned in the below thread (the only reason I could find it, was I’d commented in it), a fix is on the way…

(Colin Robinson) #3

Yes, same here.

:monzo: 1.6.3 #265

10.0.1 (14A403)

(Si) #4

Me too… but no big deal… Apps working fine ))