Invoicing - "Quantity must be a whole number"

I’m a freelance designer, so I bill for time across a multitude of projects.

This is my first time invoicing with monzo and I’m trying to simply bill for 0.5 days quantity on a project, but I’m met with an error message saying “Quantity must be a whole number” - why??? When it actually calculates the 0.5 fee in the subtotal column based on the item price.

It’s infuriating and slowing me down! I cannot round these numbers up or down as they need to be accurate. I’ve tried changing from days to hours, but there are still instances where I need to charge a fraction of my day rate.

Anyone else in this situation? Cheers!


Hi @Ag & welcome :wave:

Can you create 30-minute rates, with a value for one which represents your daily charge rate divided by 16, and charge them - say 16 of them for an 8-hour job? This would allow you to charge reasonable chunks of service provided while retaining a level of management. For example, working from 9am-1pm would be charged at 8x 30-minutes @ £xxx.xx each = £yyy.yy

Just a suggestion - I don’t have a Business account to try it.


It is certainly a workaround, but a day rate (and portions of) isn’t that unusual. Seems like an oversight.


Hey Adam - sorry about the frustration here! Just want to let you know that this is on our radar, we’re hoping to make some invoice improvements in the coming weeks :slight_smile: Stay tuned!