Investors flair here on the forum 🚀

(Morty) #368

So of all the promises made in the crowdfund, this is the one you’re most worried about?

(Mark Dunne) #369

Hey - any chance I could have my investor badge added :+1:t2:


Not actually.
It just shows the way it is taking.
If you don’t delivery a easy small pledge… :shushing_face:
And about you, what worries you most?

(H.Demir) #371

Hi, please can you add investor badge, I am sure i have used same email for investing. thanks

(Morty) #372

Well Im feeling pretty good at the moment really, because it looks like Monzo are focusing on the bigger pledges that will deliver ROI.

10 days after raising £20m mainly for international expansion, they’ve announced their first team in the US. So I’m pretty excited at how quickly that’s happened and what that might mean further down the line with regards to Monzo over there

(Richard Cook) #373

Hi all, we’ve added the flair everyone who we had listed as taking part in the most recent round.

If for some reason it’s still not showing, DM me a screenshot of your investor badge in the app and we’ll sort it out. Thanks!

Introduce yourself :wave:
Monzo Current Account Counter
(S Lee) #374

Thank you @cookywook

Mine’s not. :frowning:

(Colin Robinson) #375

@cookywook Maybe lock and archive this thread (all posts prior to your latest?).

(Richard Cook) closed #376

opened #377


hi I would like to get the investor badge and rocket, my email address on the forum is different to the one I’ve invested in


Hello I’m not yet added to the investor forum

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #381

It’s not an investor forum :slight_smile:

The perk you get from investing is a little rocket :rocket: on the corner of your profile pic :slight_smile: - That and a “Crowdfunding Investor” Flair like you can see next to my name :slight_smile:


I’ve invested in the last crowd funding campaign, but I didn’t get any badge

(Emma (still not the app)) #383

Did you DM as instructed a few posts above?


nah only message customer service yesterday and they said to post in here and someone will get back to me, they didn’t say what exactly am I supposed to post on here though


@cookywook should be able to sort you out :rocket:


should I message him directly?

(Colin Robinson) #387

Still stands.


ok will do it now thanks