Investment video

Just a thought but someone should really take a look at the subtitles on the video from the crowdfunding round ( not only is “Monzo” wrong every time, but so is the web address!

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Subtitles on this are not by Monzo. These are auto generated by YouTube.

A quote from the link below;

These automatic captions are generated by machine-learning algorithms, so the quality of the captions may vary.

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Well maybe Monzo could try emphasise the O a little more but other than that not much they can do.

Though I do assume Youtube let you submit your own subtitles or make edits to the auto generated ones? (I dont make content for Youtube so I am just suggesting)

You absolutely can add your own subtitles, and monzo really should for accessibility’s sake.


Perhaps could have the web address come up as a text overlay. This said, videos usually come with a title or caption, which will clearly display the correct spelling.

Well if that is the case then Monzo should be doing that. Especially as it is their own name that is wrong

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I know that, but monzo should submit subtitles so that they aren’t auto generated, then they would be correct - also better for SEO!