Introducing the new Monzo Plus

Those are fantastic! I do wish Monzo would put more effort into designing some better graphics for pot images, rather than just blank canvases and a few stock photos.

Something as simple as taking the idea behind custom categories and applying it to pots would go a long way towards improving them.


If anyone wants to make their own pot images, here’s a decent base image to start from. It’s the Apple Pay card image with all decoration removed. There’s one with the Monzo logo left intact as well.


Sorry, this may already have been discussed, in fact I’m sure it has been, but am I now right in thinking that the first 2k in my as count should not be in savings pots as the normal default for non savings money is 1%.

Thanks that’s very helpful!

So sounds like this is a good start but I’ll probably need to wait until things are developed a little further!

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Yes. If you’re worried about touching it, put the first 2k in a regular pot. It’ll earn more interest that way than any of their built in savings pot offerings. Of course if you have an instant access account elsewhere that pays more, such as Marcus, keep sending your money to those until you hit the £85k FSCS limit.

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@Jonesyriffic @BenLeo thanks for sharing they are great!

Here’s also the Gradient in the plus background I recreated for pot images if anyone wants it:


I like the idea of monzo plus but I only use Joint accounts :frowning: so as usual we miss out on the new features.


I hope that plus does make the difference for Monzo but personally I feel a little underwhelmed, I was hoping for more. I had the offer as I’m an ex plus customer but other than the virtual cards, I’m not sure I’d get much out of it personally.

Hopefully they’ll add more in time and I can get interested again.

I’d get it once it goes to joint accounts too

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Oooh so it’s constantly refreshing/checking?!

I thought once it was in sheets that was it! That’s even better!


As soon as I connected I started changing categories to see them update realtime.

Super mesmerising.,…


Socks match the card, nice touch

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Just need a way to get it to work the other way round. Move a decimal point in Sheets, and bingo! I’m a millionaire!


I’ve connected some additional accounts and what’s noticeable in the feed is because there’s no merchant enrichment, the transactions and the dates are indistinguishable. Perhaps merchant enrichment will come later but even if for now you added the logo of the bank next to each transaction that would help.


After having a few days to think about the plan, I do like it but won’t be signing up just yet.

In my view there needs to be better selection of offers from a range of retailers. My understanding is none currently on offer are unique. When I think of banking offers the best that come to mind are Amex & Halifax or previous offers monzo has done with Greggs / Pret (not sure how sustainable these are though).

Presuming monzo continue to enhance the plan with new Pro features I’ll likely sign up at some point.

I‘d like to see the introduction of higher tier which includes more costly additions of sorts. It would also be good to see a form of this for joint accounts.

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@tjvr @tomdavies I messaged NatWest as suggested about being unable to add savings accounts and they passed the book… Shot in the dark, but what next, ha?

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Not surprised by that honestly. I can see this happening a lot in many situations, and as end users it’s hard to tell who is telling the truth.

The way I see it, is that this is Monzo’s feature, so it’s up to them to get issues fixed, not us as users, or the bank it’s having issues with. If it turns out to be an issue with the other bank, then monzo need to liaise with them to get it fixed.

I suspect we’ll see more of this, and it may well be the other bank at fault. But as the feature is owned by Monzo, for us as the end user of Monzo’s feature, the issue is with Monzo and should be raised with them, because the burden of making sure it works with other banks (even when the other bank is at fault) is Monzo’s, not ours, and not the other banks of which we are customers.

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These look great. Where did you get the icons? Wanting to create something similar for myself.

Have to say, I’m impressed by the speed of NatWest’s response and the fact that they send a text message to let you know they have replied.

Can you try adding NatWest account, via open banking, in the new moneydashboard app? Do savings appear in that one? I see some savings accounts from some banks in MD that I do not see in Monzo. If it MD & NatWest works then we might be able to tell that Monzo may need to do something. Otherwise it may suggest that NatWest are not sharing savings data.