Introducing Salary Sorter and Bills Pots πŸŽ‰

If you get more then one payday in a mouth how would this work I only just switch to monzo nit been payed yet just wondering how it woohoo work.

You get a salary sorter per different payment, as long as they’re over Β£100

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So I not had my pay days yet but do they get combined together or

They don’t become combined. When your payment is showing as due in your feed, click it and you can use the salary sorter on each one.

Do this for all payments over Β£100

No. You tap on the payment when you get it and you can set up a salary sorter for it. You can set up a different one for your ESA and one for your PIP


Great thanks


Got paid yesterday and I’ve just realised salary sorted did nothing for me this time. Just had to manually sort everything. Worked fine the first couple of times.

You did the sort but nothing moved?

The sort has been saved for the previous two payments. So I sorted the first time, second time it did it automatically, this time nothing happened.

You need to open the feed item and select sort

Afaik automatically hasn’t been introduced yet


I’m sure it did it automatically last time? Maybe I’ve misunderstood.

It has always been a manual thing for me too. There was talks of automating it in the future but to my knowledge there has been no further update.

If it was to become automated I think you’d need to be given the ability to configure it in advance or at least a way to stop it.


As I understand it, the limit of the automation is remembering what you did last time and presenting it for your approval this time. If you don’t go in and approve it, nothing will happen.

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Yeah, double checked and it lost my saved automation.

I didn’t use the get paid early thingy this month and salary sorter worked perfectly for me, and my bills pot requirements were labelled on the sorter correctly :+1:

I’ve not had cause to use the save sort function yet for various reasons.

Just noticed - Salary Sorter now lets you assign amounts to other Monzo accounts from Joint Accounts.

This month, I was able to select sorting an amount from the Joint Account into the JA pots (as usual) but I could also select my Personal Account and Mrs W’s Personal Account to send money to if needed (we don’t have any pots under our PA’s, so it’d be nice to see if you could sort from a JA to a Personal Account pot)

Nice :+1:


Just seen this and it was useful - next step is to allow personal account salary sorts to put money directly into joint account pots!

That’s there now. Noticed it with February’s pay.

This is a long thread and I’ve not read through it all.

I’ve had a Monzo account for a couple of years but have just hit the button to switch my current account so I’ll be a full Monzo user on Thursday.

Is there a guide somewhere to how to set up the Salary Sorter and Bills Pots? What actions do I need to take a) initially and b) monthly to have this all work?


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Yes, if you type in salary sorter or bill pot in the help section of the app there are instructions