Introducing Salary Sorter and Bills Pots 🎉

If you don’t get a notification, tap on the transaction once it lands in your account and you’ll see the option to sort the income.

For me personally I don’t see this being any different or better than just setting up scheduled payments to the different pots for each payday.
Might be better if it could do percentages instead of values. But as it is (and for me personally) I just don’t get what the fuss is about.

Ive thought the same but scheduled transfers happen on a specific date, whereas the payment could happen up to 2 days earlier than expected due to weekends.

With sorter you can trigger those transfers as soon as the money comes in instead of having to wait for the specified date

Where this falls short though is that it doesn’t include transfers to other banks, thats why I’ll be sticking with my scheduled transfers rather than using sorter

Salary sorter is the wrong name as it applies this to any income of £100. It should be income sorter.


But that lacks alliteration


Well nothing is perfect. Indeed not the execution of some of Monzo’s functionality…

Alliteration > Accuracy?

So if we want accuracy then it needs to be called ‘incoming payments over £100, including (but not limited to) salary sorter’

Rolls off the tongue


Salary sorter sounds better though

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Thanks - I am happy that’s been added, hopefully it’ll also show on the salary sorter page when I go to use that this payday. It’s a very useful/reassuring feature.

Having said that, the committed spends being off has really made me uneasy so I’m currently double checking any of this type of figure I see in the Monzo app to make sure they are right. This one does seem accurate so far though!

One interesting thing to consider is that having a “catchy” or well branded name for a feature can actually really help from a support perspective. As someone who works in customer service I constantly get emails from people describing an issue which I have to decipher as if they are in a different language (and sometimes can’t!) because they use such different terminology to describe the same thing. If everyone using the Monzo app knows the name of a feature it will make support, solving issues, answering questions etc much easier. Since the spirit of the feature is salary sorter, even though it can actually be used on any income over £100, it makes sense to me to go with something easily learnable.


Not sure if someone’s suggested this yet but I don’t get paid a regular or monthly salary as I’m self employed but I do get paid frequently enough from the same 4-5 accounts. It would be great to have a feature where you could set up the salary sorter with percentages of income instead of fixed amounts and perhaps be able to mark certain payees that the app would automatically do this with.


You can sort any payment over £100. It doesn’t have to be your salary.

So the salary sorter remembers your split and suggests it next time

Does that mean it suggests the same split for a similar value arriving roughly one month later?

If some gets several payments over £100 each month, does it remember the relevant payment from 1 month previous to suggest a split?

I think these situations where income is less regular are where percentage splits would be useful

From what I recall reading earlier (I’ve not had chance to test it…) it will remember the payments independently.

So if you have one payment for £1000 and the next for £200, it will remember the split you did on each one of them, and suggest them again next time.

Not sure if if it factors in the payee, or what happens if you get 5 different payments, but of similar amounts each month.


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I’ve had one today @JarnoWolf. The payment was a standing order, and the bills pot had enough to cover it. I’m on the latest android beta.

First time using it and some thoughts:

The ability to activate the salary sorter once a payment is expected to come in - i.e. before it has actually hit your account, for example once your salary shows in your stream

The ability to use the salary sorter more than once. Just now, my fat fingers pressed ok once I did it for one pot and it took me to my home screen, and I now no longer have the ability to sort my salary.