Introducing our new neon cards! ๐Ÿ‘€

Itโ€™s :tm:

Edit: I see Iโ€™m late

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What is the point of the TM? Is it a legal requirement? Surely if itโ€™s trademarked, itโ€™s trademarked whether that TM is there or not?

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Iโ€™ve never noticed the TM on a card before!

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I liked this, but I really want to downvote. Hope itโ€™ll change soon-ish

Edit: are you not joining #TeamYello on the forum? :smile:



I might do - maybe - one day.

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Itโ€™s in the Mastercard brand guidelines as an integral part of the logo โ€“

The Mastercard Symbol is comprised of the Mastercard circles and associated trademark symbol โ„ข without the word โ€œmastercardยฎ.โ€

A cursory Google search on rules in general says put the TM logo next to your brand to warn the public against misuse


OMG - new reactions of coloured cards! :eyes:

:sunshine: all the way.

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My post man is on my street!

New reactions?! :sunshine:

Even the dislike is back!

Not for me it isnโ€™t!

Edit: now it is!

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Mine arrived. Only ordered it yesterday afternoon. :racing_car: :email:

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New reactions but the dislike is gone! This is a time to celebrate cards arriving (hopefully) :crossed_fingers:


Chekhov is not impressed


What colour did you go for? :juicy: :sunshine: :disco:

My one came through. The pink Monzo logo makes my eyes hurtโ€ฆ

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I think the pink goes really well with the green!

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I clearly have a problemโ€ฆ.


Anyone know what the #ColourCode for the Yellow card is? So I can create my new pot images in anticipation of it arriving today :yellow_heart:

This is it in RGB @danjs09


Knew Iโ€™d seen someone post it! Thanks :slight_smile:

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