Introducing Monzo Premium

I have just bought an iPhone 12 Pro which is obviously very expensive. I am looking for insurance and reading that they don’t use genuine Apple parts is it better to get insurance with the post office as apparently they say you can have your repairs with the Genius Bar?

I’d argue Curve has a better all round package, even if I’d argue the card looks worse, if the reduced gadget insurance value isn’t a problem, worth reading the small print to check if you can pay the difference on replacing a device, may not be too bad if it’s knocking £800 off a replacement phone.

What does it do that the coral one doesn’t?

I’d get AppleCare. Just don’t lose it!


Why is Curve better in your opinion?

Yes I saw that they cover up to £800. I’ve just cancelled my iPhone 12 Pro order and decided to stick with my 11 Pro Max which is still in great condition, has no scratches/problems and battery is at 100% capacity. The thing is I am sure the value of the 11 Pro Max has gone down with the new 12 Pro releases but not sure if it’s worth more than £800.
So what happens if the phone is worth more than £800. They won’t repair it/replace it?

One of the main reasons for insurance is for loss or theft lol. I’m more likely to lose my phone than break it.

definitely seems like there’s a market for bank card insurance


A bit of shambles. Not sure what the extra 6 months were used for…

Curve offer cash back, an insurance offer that it seems you can use directly with Apple, the £800 isn’t that much of an issue as there’s no old for new available for replacement and cheaper lounges.

The main downside is a single replacement per year on the insurance but not sure how many times people replace their phones on insurance, for me I’m on 0 replacements in 6 years.

I’d recommend getting Apple Care, just don’t lose it as unless apple repair it, FaceID will be non-functional

My point is that I want cover for theft or loss
Apple care doesn’t cover that

Where does it state you can use your insurance directly with apple? Also what if the phone is worth more than £800 - what’s happens then?

I can’t find where I read about being able to go direct to Apple so maybe I misread it, however, someone on the forum suggested that AXA asked them for a quote and seems it may have been left to the them to actually pursue the repair ( There are other similar responses on the Curve forum suggesting AXA just settle the claim by reimbursing you and it’s for you to get the repair/replacement done yourself so they’d pay out up to £800 minus the £50 excess so £750, any remainder would then be paid by yourself.

Obviously, it would be worth contacting AXA directly and finding out exactly how and what is covered before signing up to any insurance plan to ensure it meets your needs.

I have never really been a fan of any “premium” packaged bank account.
I have looked at all of the offerings and as yet, have not been able to find one that (for me) is value for money.

However, having looked at Monzo’s premium offering, it does look quite interesting, especially for those who are fans of the metal cards and I wish them the best of luck with it. :+1:

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What sort of places can you get cashback with via curve?

Oh wow. That sounds better if you can afford the repair upfront. I guess I need to email them because their terms and conditions are not clear at all. The cashback feature is something that may be handy to me which ranks them above Monzo premium for me.

Curve Black holders can choose 3 and Curve Metal holders can choose 6 places from this list:

Literally most of the big retailers like Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and even subscriptions like Amazon and Netflix so if you shop in those places a lot you can probably pay off half the monthly cost from cash back.

So you pick 6 retailers from a set list and get 1pc cashback on the spend with them? Is this for an intro period or indefinitely. With curve metal

You get it for as long as you’re subscribed. Point 3 from the link I sent. :slight_smile: