Introducing Monzo Premium

Shopping around, a specific lounge is £28.99 and with Monzo (if) it is £24, that’s a saving of £4.99 or 17% discount.

I’d love to get a metal hot coral card!


Another forum post said they went against hot coral metal cards as they didn’t work in their mind but I still think that would work and don’t know why they don’t offer it why is it white like bunq

My app does say £19 and I will ask next time in Edinburgh airport cause I think that will give the right answer but if lounge key say £19 then they say it’s right

The LoungeKey website says £25 so who knows, then again, it also says it works with Monzo Plus though if you try to sign up with Monzo Plus, it says no.

So overall not too bad if travel was a little easier in current times.

That said the 4 things i’m really disappointed about would be…

  • The Loungekey “discount” from what I’ve read is a little bit of a joke as there seem to be many ways to pay the same without a membership

  • The phone insurer you use openly admits to using 3rd party parts. If i’m paying for insurance I would want any repair to be done with Original manufacturer parts

  • The choice of “White” for the metal card isn’t great in my personal opinion and from what I read is sandwiched plastic rather than full metal like Curves

  • The retailer offers are really bad and again something you can get without any membership. I would far prefer as someone has said some sort of cashback scheme. With a cashback scheme I would be far more likely to join


Curve and others engrave your name and card number if given on card but monzo has done the details like the plus card on the back

Lifestyle Group was founded (I think) by John Caudwell, founder of Phones 4u. I worked for the latter in the early 00’s. Lifestyle was where we’d send any phones customers brought in to be repaired. More often than not they’d come back saying a phone was “water damaged” even though we could usually see no signs of it in the shop.

P4U was a shocking company to work for, their ethics were awful. From Caudwell down, people were given unrealistic targets which meant rules were bent/broken all over the place. I’m amazed they didn’t close down earlier than they did.

Saying that, Lifestyle now have different owners, so have to hope that things are run a bit differently than they were before!

£25 cost mentioned before you sign up on lounge key website but £19 after you sign up also on website and email then the monzo blogs and other monzo information saying it’s £24 now that’s three costs which is right when you have notes of them all


If you want it to be contactless it can’t be full metal.

Guess there’s only one way to find out the true cost.

Hope it’s £19 as that would be a good saving, especially since Curve charges £20 but wouldn’t be surprised if £24 is the actual cost on Monzo.

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The offers you get with this are quite frankly poor, some of them are just discount codes you could share with anyone.

I want things like exclusive offers that change every month, free movie downloads, subscriptions to spotify etc at reduced costs, coffees and app store credit to name a few ideas.


I’ve spoken to monzo chat and it’s indeed £24 and they will get all figures incorrect changed

So there’s nothing in the premium offering that actually is of value since Curve offer cheaper lounge access, cashback alongside the insurance for the same price. (Granted Curve gadget insurance is for £800)

Offers were same as original monzo plus almost pretty useless to someone up in Scotland but I would love to see the idea of points or cashback they initially had trialing in app come back it was improvement on what is offered the now


Not strictly true :yum:.

Not 100% on how it works though. I believe they make small strategic slits in the metal, but I’ve no idea if you can see the slits.


So, I’ve been trying to follow this thread from the top, but to summarise, Premium gives you the option to access airport lounges for anywhere from £19 to £24 (how much are they without Premium? What’s wrong with loitering around the departure lounge or duty free like everyone else?).

On top of that, you can get your phone repaired, but it may or may not void your warranty and leave you with scary messages in iOS saying your parts aren’t genuine.

…to be honest, this hasn’t really bowled me over, or inspired me with confidence.


Very interesting concept. I’m curious to understand how they got it working too.

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You mean hang around with the masses. No thank you, only the best premium space will do!! (/s)

Pre-covid, I used to travel loads for work - and with the exception of delayed flights, was never really in an airport for such a length of time that the lounge would get used. Though I suppose it’s helpful for delays.


Is that a good deal?