Introducing Monzo Premium

I personally love the card! so happy with it in all fairness. I think they have done a great job with the simplistic design.

If it looks like a duck… quacks like a duck…

I’d take the lack of everything mentioned on the policy wording document that you are not guranteed to get an apple repair service - that’s going to be the best anyone can say.

A Staff Members anecdotal experience - is in fact only that - an anecdote. His experience doesn’t contradict the terms, (although I do agree staff should be more careful about how they phrase some of that).

I would say to anyone interested in taking a phone insurance policy - to look at these terms for every policy you are comparing.

Unless it outright says “This will be repaired at an Apple Authorised location”, or “With authorised Apple OEM parts”. Then you can assume that the possibility of a 3rd party repair / 3rd party parts is on the cards.


So would I, but I’d also hope that it never got to anything official and they were just given a refund fairly quickly from Monzo. I’m sure they would be.


Curve don’t have any monzo card image to put to the curd when it’s used with curve Apple Pay has the new metal card image but curve just has the standard blank mastercard colours this isn’t good

Give Curve a few days/week. They didn’t have Plus to start with, but quickly sorted it out.


What a ridiculous statement.

I can afford a coffee, I would still like to know the cost before I order.


I’m just taking a look at policies that cover iPhone 12 Pro Max’s, as likely the ‘high end expense’ for cover - from a 15 min search on comparison sites, this is what I can see, about 3rd party parts / Geneius bar repair,

Who £ Monthly £ Limit Claims / Year OEM Parts? Offer Direct Repair
Monzo - £2,000 2 No Not in the policy wording
Next Gen £10.91 Value of Phone Unlimited No Not in the policy wording
So Sure £11.49 Value of Phone Unlimited No Not in the policy wording
Mobile Phone Insurance Direct 15.99 Value of Phone Unlimited ? Yes
Swipe 9.75 Value of Phone Unlimited ? Not in the policy wording
Cloud Cover 10.93 Value of Phone Unlimited No Not in the policy wording
Trusted 11.5 Value of Phone Unlimited ? Not in the policy wording
Buy mobile phone insurance £14.99 Value of Phone 2 Loss / Unlimited Damage YES - according to website, but not in the terms YES - according to website, but not in the terms

The only thing I find that covers OEM parts, and Apple Repair directly, is the last one - link


Same here. Hopefully I’ll get to try it this Saturday to see what the costs actually are. I also noticed the interesting ‘Plus’ reference - I wonder if LoungeKey were partnered up with Monzo in 2019 for Plus V2 but it never launched (properly)?

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When I had plus at start I used another monzo card image which was better than none

You missed one:

I get mine bundled with my contents, I find a larger number of contents insurers are more open to you repairing or replacing the item yourself and then reimbursing than specific gadget or phone insurers.


Fair, I did just do a search on a couple of comparison sites and it didn’t come up. Will add it.

But either way - if OEM parts is something you want in insurance - it’s not going to be “The Standard” - so one needs to read policies and shop around to find it, and be prepared to pay for it too



So Monzo has jumped onto the metal card bandwagon and replicated some more of Revolut’s features. Not unsurprising, and not in itself automatically a negative I guess. But this isn’t particularly innovation.

On the positive side, there are some differences to Revolut:

  • afaik, AXA is actually a decent insurer unlike what Revolut uses, so that’s a plus for travel.
  • fee-free overseas cash: why £600? Starling is free, unlimited, and for all. I know it costs you money, but I assume you’ve done the math on this, and how much people withdraw on avg and how much it costs. Do you really lose much from just making it unlimited? I don’t understand how Monzo’s most premium plan is capped to 600…?
  • “ If you pay in cash more than 5 times a month, we’ll take our normal £1 fee from the money you pay in.” this is also kinda cheap. It’s £1. Have you done the math on this to be sure it’s infeasible to make it unlimited. How many people on this plan would do more than 5? How do you figure capping something that costs a pound is a good idea, rather than having the marketing advantage, and the consumer feeling of “all-inclusive” (a powerful feeling!)?

I’d feel much more comfortable buying this knowing it’s all inclusive, even though I will probably never even hit the current caps. I would not buy it with the limitations, though. Human mind is a fascinating thing. Have you done the research to know lost sales don’t outweigh the extra fees incurred to you?

Anyway, a net plus I suppose, but you’re running out of ‘playing catch-up’ runway, so I hope the innovation comes next.


Would having a different colour metal card do well for monzo like red or the original monzo colour it could give people choice and stand out even more

The current white looks similar to the bunq metal card though that one is classed as credit mastercard but doesn’t have credit though I do like my black curve investor card it has no details on the back just my name

TLDR over the last few days.

iPhones may or may not use genuine parts when going for repair which may or may not invalidate the warranty.

Hope this helps everyone.


Oh thanks. That really helps!


£600 overseas is outside of Europe/EEA the euro and other currencies such as Danish Krone in Denmark Is unlimited like in the UK

Thanks for letting us know Anthony! :pray:

We’ve asked the LoungeKey team to correct it.

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Lounge key quoted on monzo blog £24 but lounge key say £19 that’s a difference of £5.00 is that right or wrong

Yes the difference between £24 and £19 is £5


The blog’s correct – it’s £24 to access a lounge if you have Monzo Premium :+1: