Introducing payments via QR code 🎉

Hey all,

Thanks for the iOS 17 reports. The QR code seemed to work fine in betas 1 & 2, but Apple have a published ‘known issue’ present in betas 3 & 4 that we think might be related.

We’re re-testing on each beta release and are hoping it will be resolved on their end before the final build.

Thanks again :raised_hands:


It’s looking doubtful, we’re 2 betas away from final release, still borked on beta 6. Hoping it’ll be fixed by Apple though

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Yep it’s not looking good! We have a plan in place and should be able to issue a work-around in time if we have to.


do you know If this is available?

IS there a way to get QR Codes for Joint Accounts? Me and my partner are getting married and we would love to use our joint account instead of using PayPal etc…

Hi @Armah83 & welcome :wave:

It’s still the same for me as it was back in April:

QR code available on Personal account payments, but not available on Joint account payments :cry:

Give people your account number and sort code?

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I can save you a bit of time testing the new beta, Tom. It may be time for Plan B! App is the latest TestFlight version, whatever it is

Hey all :wave:

The problem persists in iOS 17 but we have enabled a fallback today to coincide with iOS 17 release. Anyone on iOS 17 will see a basic QR code without the additional visual effects.

We’ve raised the issue directly with Apple and are hoping to hear back soon.


I mean, it works… thank you @johnyorke

I was never really fussed for the fancy QR code. It looked nice, but wasn’t really needed

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