Introducing Monzo for 16-17 year olds


Ah shame. The new joint account chips look a lot cleaner.

(Marcus Nailor) #123

I wonder if the ‘new’ smaller chips still have the onboard storage which regular Monzo debit cards have? :thinking: Or whether that extra ‘artwork’ is just a pretty design :yum:


Good question

(Jack) #125

Isn’t it the same just more covered up by the plastic coating?


No idea what that means :joy:

(Marcus Nailor) #127

I’m not making that up am I? :joy: (Nah hehe, there’s just a few KB of onboard storage for ‘reasons’ … Futureproofing etc. I wonder if they still have that on the JA’s or not :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t know if the storage was beneath the funky pattern or somewhere else buried inside the card :wink:

I try to keep myself in the know with everything Monzo :wink: But… I have no idea in this case :joy::innocent:


Small chip make a bank card look clean, for some reason. I don’t know why almost all fintech cards have this funny looking, larger chip? :frowning:

(Jack) #129

It’s true, watch this, it explains here:

Under 16's Accounts
(Geoffrey McCaleb) #130

Fantastic news!
Is there a timeframe when you will be offering accounts to younger than 16? My son just turned 13 and I’m absolutely sick of his Osper card. He’s ready for Monzo but would be curious when Monzo will be ready for him :joy:

(Jack) #131

The only thing that’s been mentioned is:

They are hoping to lower it in the future.

(Geoffrey McCaleb) #132

Yeah, they’ve been saying that for a while. Was hoping now that 16-18’s are covered that there might be something a bit more definite. But happy to wait, just h8 Osper

(Jack) #133

Interestingly it seems there are some big changes coming to Osper. They’ve closed sign ups while they work on some exciting changes.

(Geoffrey McCaleb) #134

I would hope so, they haven’t updated their app in ages!

(Tim Banting) #135

That’s great; however, I want to start a savings account for my 4 year-old daughter. Have Monzo considered having specific cards for pots?

I would gladly pay a service charge to cover the cost of the card and when she is of age, she could then upgrade to her own account.

(Rhys Jones) #136

I thought exactly the same. I’ve opened an account with Monzo. (I’m 16). But I can’t pay in money or pay for spotify until my card arrives

(Rhys Jones) #137

Shouldn’t you reach your child earlier how to use money. Instead of always having to be in control. This is why young people have no clue how to use money. Cause parents are being control freaks. Isn’t it better for your 16 year old to spend all his money, and learn it the hard way instead of going into dept when he or she is 18?

(Gordon Dack) #138

It’s taken just before it’s shipped, if it declines your shipment will get delayed, Amazon are not stupid :slight_smile:

(Leon) #139

Did you read the whole post? It’s not just about that one issue as there are many interconnected issues within that. For example, children and or adults with special needs. What I had suggested might be of help to them.


The IFTTT integration where you can put all you student loan in one pot and then automatically pay yourself monthly/weekly or daily is a great idea.


Moving money out of pots automatically can now be done natively in the Monzo app.

If you’re a student, you could try putting your loan into a pot when you get it, then giving yourself a regular allowance by scheduling payments back into your main balance.