Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

I doubt it will be any lower than £50. Usually limits start at £200 so £50 is really low.

@TomMills is there an update on the money transfer feature being more widely rolled out or is it still in the testing phase.

Me 2 because I love to would like to know because I’m og because I got flex few weeks later 1st time when tell us about flex


Hey @Lewey02. Yes we’ve started rolling money transfers out wider this week.

Not everyone that has Flex will be eligible for Money Transfers. But we’ll regularly check eligibility, so if you don’t have it now you could become eligible in the future.

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Thank you for the update. It would be great with things like this to know if you’re not eligible why that would be. I know there are a tonne of factors that will play into it.

But as someone who is #FullMonzo with a decent credit score, I’d love to know why I’m not eligible.

Being full monzo doesn’t entitle anyone to anything, and as you mentioned, it could be anything.


Hi all, I am a huge fan of Monzo Flex, I honestly think it’s great! I’ve not had it long, so am hoping I can grow my Flex limit over time. Will Monzo notify me if I am elligable for an increase? thanks.

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I don’t think they do notify you. I’ve had it since the start and upped my limit twice, both times I just tried it myself with no prompt from Monzo.

Now we only have 2 options:

  1. Pay in full every month, which is less desirable compare to traditional credit card’s 56 days.

  2. Choose for every purchase, which is a pain to choose instalment plan for each single transaction. Otherwise it would be more painful for your pocket as the app would choose the longest plan for you.

Please, create an option for 3 instalments by default if you genuinely wish the user flex their transaction in 3 terms.


It’s been requested many many times from several folks in the main flex thread, including by me. It gets a pretty mixed reaction from folks, and Monzo are yet to offer it. Not sure they ever will at this point.


Hi @Monzoking. Welcome to the community.

This has been requested multiple times, including in the main “Flex” thread, but it’s unlikely to happen.
“Pay in 3” is essentially a “Buy now, play later” product and using it constantly could be seen as a “bad money management” trait, which is a bad thing. I imagine it costs Monzo money to offer this already, so defaulting to it could increase this loss.

Having you make a concious decision to spread the cost is much better for everyone, in my personal opinion.

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Monzo said they’re not offering because it’s not financially beneficial for them to offer it as the default for people, they’d rather people pay off at next time or simply head into an interest accruing plan!


Thanks @michaelw90. I knew I saw it somewhere, but didn’t realise it was a separate thread.

Took me a while to find it :joy:. I remember the conversation etc, and I gave up when I saw two people replying here, but then I had to keep searching to stop myself going crazy.


I’ve just got Monzo Flex. I have a joint account. When it says I can Flex past purchases, there’s a link to my transactions. I’ve looked at a few over the past two weeks, and when I click on the transaction I cannot see anywhere that I can Flex the purchase. Where do you see this?

I’ve looked on Amazon purchases, supermarket purchases, some garden furniture - that I bought before getting Flex but within the last two weeks, I just can’t see where a prior transaction allows me to retrospectively Flex.

You can only flex eligible transactions from the last 2 weeks, from your personal account. You can’t flex joint purchases


Ah thanks. That explains it although surely it wouldn’t be hard to activate it for joint accounts for purchases made on your own joint card and not your partners?

Unfortunately joint accounts are the ugly step-child at Monzo.


Randomly decided to give Tesco Pay @ Pump w/Flex a go assuming it was still broken, but I’m happy to report it’s now fixed!

Confirmed at two different locations.


Amazing, thanks for reporting back! I’ll share with the team that are looking in to it.

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