Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Do chase do credit products

Not yet, but coming soon

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Any more free slots to sign-up I would love to test it please
Transfer money

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Unfortunately not, you’ll need to wait for the wider release

Thanks you

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@TomMills I’m not sure if I am misremembering, but I am sure that the flow for splitting the bill has changed for Flex and it is very annoying. I split the bill and then it takes me back to the transaction screen (as usual), but then when I click back it takes me back to the split bill screen. Then when I click back again it takes me to the screen where I select who I want to split the bill with. Then I have to press cancel to close it and it takes me back to another transaction screen.

Edit: On the latest version of TestFlight (iOS).


That does sound annoying. I just checked on Android and it’s not happening to me - pressing the back arrow after splitting a bill on Flex takes me to the Flex feed.

I’ve raised it with the team :pray:


Quick update - we’ve found a bug that we’re working on fixing. It’ll probably take a few weeks as the change needs to be included in an app release. Thanks for catching it and sharing!


Awesome, thanks @TomMills and the team :heart_eyes:


@TomMills I think there is another bug i have noticed from screenshots here. When you pick the flex plan, each of plans show £15 + £x (x%) but that £15 doesn’t include the 3% fee

I hope that makes sense

I’m not seeing that

Although when you hit the X to cancel, it backs out completely. Annoying if you made a mistake