Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

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Oh my god…. Finally!!!

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We’ve just rolled this change out

You should see merchant names in your Flex statement if you generate a new statement :crossed_fingers:


We do! Great work!

Repayments from current account to Flex aren’t updated via statement though, just still says Flex.

Same goes for external connected accounts.

Will we ever get to a point where if I make a repayment, it categorises it as the merchant category instead of Transfers?

I find it confusing as takes a while to amend them all, albeit easier now I can see what it was in the main feed instead of having to tap See instalment plan to work out what it was, then categorise it appropriately.

I know there’s an argument that you paid by flex so your payment is already categorised, but the way I view it from my current account is I’ve not actually spent anything towards it as it went on credit card.

Extra flex repayments are currently automatically excluded from my budget which is inaccurate.

Or even the option to force categorise every Flex repayment to Finances instead of transfers so it’s included in my budget.


Used to do this, Monzo changed it - so the short answer is no. It’s the original payment that’s categorised as the merchant category with subsequent repayments as transfers.


Aye ano, but like with other payments you can make current, and future payments as a category and wondered if they could implement that.

Probably not because it’s seen as a transfer but worth the ask as it makes it far more transparent for me when I don’t include flex in trends.

Anyone know how flex work for pre orders? I’m hoping to pre order the new iPhone on Friday but I know from the last that Apple doesn’t take the money straight away, they put a hold on the payment until the item ships.

Will this affect me using flex as the payment won’t actually be taken until the following week?

If they hold the full value, you’ll make payments towards it and be charged interest towards it if it’s not over the interest free period. The full value will be processed like a normal card payment, and flex terms apply as standard (even as a hold, it’s not functioned in the same way as a standard credit card where no payments are due and interest isn’t charged until the merchant actually collects the money).

If they solely do an active card check, and then take the balance on shipment, you’re good to go, just be sure you keep enough in your flex limit for the payment to be successful.

Sounds good! Thanks for the response :smile:

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@BristolMatt time to get that next holiday booked… we’re starting to roll out Shared Tabs & Bill Split for Flex.

Thanks for hanging with us while we ironed out some issues.

You might get it today if you’re lucky, but most users will get it at the end of next week. I’ll post here when we’ve finished the roll out :+1:


At long last!! Great work.

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Amazing!!! It seems I’m lucky as I have it - funnily enough I’m away for my birthday this weekend so will have plenty of opportunity to try it out.

Really appreciate the engagement and the work that’s gone into it. Will let you know if I have any issues.

(Just because no thank you on here can ever go without a further request :rofl: I had to pay for our accommodation as my partners flex card didn’t work. It was quite expensive though and he had wanted to flex it. Will it ever be possible to effectively request an item is moved from my flex to his provided he has the funds and we both agree?)

For now though - THANK YOU!!


I guess that makes this our birthday present to you? Happy birthday, and enjoy the weekend :birthday:

‘Joint purchases’ is on our backlog, and we’re planning to start looking at it towards the end of the year. It’s a way off yet so we haven’t scoped anything yet, but I’ll share that example when we get to it.


how do i know if i have this facilitty ?

in app message ?

You just need to click into any Flex transaction and scroll down towards the bottom. If there is no option to split then you don’t have it yet.


Feature request: ‘Add notes’ notification button for Flex transactions.

Debit Card Transaction - Already have the ability to add notes directly from the notification.

Flex Transaction - Have to open the app and select the transaction to add notes.

Not sure how this would be best implemented, as you get a notification when you’ve spent with Flex - to choose a plan. So a second notification would be needed. But there’s no point, as tapping on the first, existing notification takes you to the Flex section anyway?

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If you’ve defaulted your plan you see the second image in their post where you’re not directed to choose a plan. There’s more text in the flex notification , I don’t know if that causes issues off they try to add ‘Add notes’ :man_shrugging:

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I’ve mentioned this before, but it would be good if I could pay the next next instalment now, rather than only being able to pay it off the end.


Made a couple bigger flex purchases this week which I’m hoping to test out the split function on :saluting_face: