Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Ah, now I just got the same message I received in the SMS (from Sunday), as a push notif!

Ideally I’d just have the one push notif…

Checked the Monzo notification settings, and there’s no settings in relation to Flex (apart from eligibility)… and the overdraft settings (I don’t have an overdraft) are app only. Hmm.

I still have less than that amount in my current account, but my Flex is paid from a pot which has more than enough to cover it. :neutral_face:


I’ve had a text.

I irrationally hate these to the point that I’ll probably use a different credit card.


It’s so dumb. @TheoGibson this is dumb.


We’ve had similar feedback internally so already on it :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback!


Got the invitation to order one yesterday.

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:wave: 3 small meaningful updates from us this week
(I’m afraid you’ve got me rather than @TomMills for the next few weeks)

:inbox_tray: We’ve taken onboard the feedback and you’ll be pleased to know we’ve changed the SMS reminder to only be sent if you have an instalment plan which defaulted to an interest bearing plan and you haven’t subsequently updated the plan.

:fuelpump: As a bonus, you can now use your Flex card to pay for fuel at the pump!

:credit_card: As a further bonus, you can also now use your Flex card to for “tax payments” - as discussed above, unfortunately this wasn’t always tax payments, it was merchants who used the 9311 merchant category code.


Great update, thanks @TheoGibson. Great to see this product evolving.


These are excellent updates. Nothing that I have been impacted by, but clearly things that maybe spooking people. It gives me confidence in the flex product going forward.