Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Thanks for reaching out, Tom!


What a stupid system :joy:


It is very annoying. Monzo still hasn’t nailed the chat interface.

It’s sad to hear that the folk you spoke to didn’t really engage with what you were saying. The last few times for me were really quite excellent, which I hoped meant that something had changed for the better.


I always think of a chat agent as just a robot that isn’t allowed independent thoughts outside of the scripts they have to follow. It’s a shame really!

I get they will have to follow certain flow charts to get to the bottom of a problem, but this really doesn’t work in the real world, it just causes problems.

Scripts are useful where there’s a legal reason for it or regulatory processes to follow. Outside of this, nah thanks.


As if by magic, I have my offer back! Thanks to @TomMills for sorting this, and I hope this can be improved for other customers, and support staff in the future.


That is how support SHOULD be. Having the knowledge and being empowered to actually do things.


Or even just support knowing where to direct something to if they can’t deal with it. The process obviously failed this time around, so it’s clear no one managing the case had a Scooby what to do or where to go.


You do realise this is monzo? :joy:


To me it was clear it was a two time only thing. And that changes to a plan can invalidate the promotion (replanning for longer/shorter, paying off early, missing payment) and that it is a gift I should appreciate but not demand (“promotions are at Monzo’s discretion”). Hence I was careful to only use it on things I am sure will last for the promo plan duration. It’s nice that you are considering reactivating refunded promotions, but to me I am happy even if you don’t develop that.

This is literally the T&C, Monzo never factored in cancelled / refunded orders into it. It’s not explicitly stated that refunded orders still count as one use of this promotional event, in this case they’ve seen sense by sorting it out for customers caught out by it

How the offer works:
Monzo Flex is always interest free when you spread the cost over 3 months or 24% representative APR (variable) over 6 or 12 months.
But until 31 Dec 22, you can also get 6 months interest free on two purchases of your choice.
You can make the two purchases using your Flex virtual card or on existing purchases you made up to two weeks ago with your Monzo card.
The offer can’t be used on purchases you’ve already flexed.
If you use the offer on a purchase and edit your instalment plan for that purchase, you’ll no longer benefit from an interest-free offer and you’ll pay interest at 24% APR representative (variable).
If you miss a payment, you’ll no longer benefit from the interest-free offer. You’ll be able to use it again if you catch up on your payments.


To be fair, you still used the offer regardless of if refunded or not, so the goodwill to replace was fair in terms of customer experience, but no obligation to do so as you did buy something and did intend to pay over 6 months interest free.


Running the risk of continuing the tangent into customer services, I think it is a general systemic issue with most technology-related customer service departments.

Years ago, when I had a very particular problem with my BT broadband, customer services would follow their script and then shut me down, going round in circles of “we will reset your router remotely and see if it fixes it”, not being capable of understanding the simple statement “I am not using your BT-supplied router”, and “I am an IT professional, it’s not the router’s fault”.

I was active in the BT forums back then, and the mods were always suggesting people contact them directly in case of such CS failures.
Eventually I learned what “second line support” was, and from then on I asked for it pretty much from the start where I knew the issue is beyond first line skills.

I understand they want first line to solve as many issues as possible, and of course the majority of issues will be solvable by them, but there has to be a better way to train them so that when they don’t understand something, or when push has indeed come to shove, they themselves refer the issue not to another first line person but to second line who has more knowledge and skills than they do.


Anyone else noticed the Flex icons which now appear next to eligible transactions?

This is on iOS, not sure which app version


They’ve been around for ages now, not sure if they stopped showing them for a while. I’ve seen them before when flex was 1st launched. They might of brought them back for the promotional period of the 6 months interest free.


It’s on Android too - controlled by this feature flag which kept appearing and disapperaing throughout the last few versions of the app:

<boolean name="flex_snooze_black_friday_offer_badges_existing_users" value="true" />

You can snooze them too

How do you snooze them?

Click the transaction > snooze flex icons


Anyone know if it’s possible to pay Flex from a pot? I’m sure I saw something about it in the thread but if so I can’t find that, or work out how to do it. Thanks!


Yes it is.

Flex card - Manage tab - pay from pot.