Introducing Monzo Flex โ€“ a better way to pay later ๐Ÿš€

โ€œI use Tymit so I want everything to be exactly the same as Tymit.โ€


Flexed vs retro flexed?

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Or just flexed and donโ€™t assume how someone made the payment, just as easy to ask if they donโ€™t mention it, and itโ€™s pertinent to the conversation :eyes::pinched_fingers:

Monzo isnโ€™t a religion. You can be critical of a product you use everyday you know.

And you donโ€™t have to be on on the forum everyday to have an opinion.

I had flex and stopped using it for that exact reason, that others have also said. Do you make snarky comments at them? Probably not

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My opinion as a new user of Monzo, Flex and the forum is that I like Flex and the way itโ€™s implemented.

It is essentially a โ€œbuy with installmentsโ€ service, which in many other countries is managed by many shops independently (you buy something and the store charges your card in monthly installments, or have their own card scheme that does that).

Yes it is different from a โ€œproperโ€ credit card, but if you want a proper credit card thereโ€™s a million of them out there.

I do wish Monzo eventually release a proper credit card, but thatโ€™s just so I can have more of my spending managed in the app (as connected accounts are not fully featured). But I do like how Flex is built and the fact that it is unique in the market.


Personally I agree with you, I have both but I still use Tymit over Flex the majority of the time because it offers a lot more in terms of functionality and usability, theres a few niggles that just stop me from defaulting to Flex.

It probably helps though that I seem to be a lucky one who has never really had any issues with Tymit despite using it a ridiculous amount, a lot of people on here seemed to have been burnt by it


I like Monzo Flex and use it often, however Iโ€™d much prefer it if they took the first payment on the date you selected so I could spread it over 3 pay days.


Sad: my bookshelf fell apart

Glad: I monzo flexโ€™d a new bookshelf :woohoo: Also on the virtual card so I got that sweet sect 75


cough May be coming soon


This would be amazing if it was, even if it was just for the virtual card Iโ€™d be happy :slightly_smiling_face:


Book of Dust. Excellent taste.

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Is that confirmed in teardowns? How do you know?

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Cheque imaging testing confirmed.


Hints at strings that enabled it (or whatever) in teardowns - yes.

    <boolean name="flex_first_instalment_defer_in_plan" value="false" />

Cool! That might get me to finally commit to Flex! I havenโ€™t been following the tear downs - guess I should

Oh, this is actually to test if our Freepost service supports giant cheques /s


Staff have also talked about it getting a review and possibly changing

Exciting stuff.

Mr Monzo, can it please happen (and on iOS too, this doesnโ€™t feel like a thing where parity doesnโ€™t matter) before the next iPhone-day? :pleading_face:

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Monzo adverts are not what they once were :wink:


For Flexing on a virtual card, how much needs to be in my account? Is there a check at all?

I just used the virtual card but I moved enough in to my main account so it didnโ€™t fail and now Iโ€™ve selected my plan and Iโ€™ve paid off 1/3rd.