Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Can I just add: bravo on not just saying “Soon :eyes:” and actually giving a reason.
Thank you.


Could you, say, Flex a pot balance in this use case?

All transactions made by virtual card set to pot, and end of holiday, Flex whole pot balance over x months, instead of some form of other grouping and what not?

Have some way of telling the virtual card/pot to only allow flex eligible transactions, then a running percentage/bar in/under said pot in the home page feed showing how much is repaid?

Replace normal virtual card with a Additional-Flex-attached-to-pot-card with the same rules as the main?


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Flex is an exceptional money forward thinking idea. It’s amazing!!!
Thank you!


Tymit does this(or use to, i haven’t done it in a while) I’d like to see it move to Flex too :slight_smile:

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Can anyone from Monzo give us a clue or what is next for Flex in way of improvements etc


They will when they are ready. Until then, they won’t.

Its always been a thing, it was one of the selling points to me when I signed up when they started. Having said that, i dont think they teach you about it anywhere when you sign up

ill try and use it in the coming days and see if it still exists

Edit: @DaveJ Update on this, it still exists, swipe right on a transaction and can bundle it with others

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In no particular order - some things that we’ve done in the last month or two and are on the list for the next 3 - 6 months:

  • Improving eligibility with things like better income verification - most of this won’t be visible to customers.
  • Similar to better income verification, better assessing affordability - somewhat in the light of recent inflation - again, this won’t be visible to customers.
  • We removed the <£30 rule - There’s a lot of work/ analysis that goes into a change like this, it’s not as simple as deleting a few lines of code (although at the end of the work/ analysis this is all that was really needed)
  • Limit increases.
  • Building a whole bunch of tooling to give customers who find themselves in financial difficulty a better experience/ better support.
  • Adding the ability for customers to change their repayment date.
  • Improving how refunds are displayed to customers with odd Mastercard presentments.
  • Paying your Flex payments from a pot.
  • Seeing Flex in committed spending/ left to spend.
  • Some marketing bits and improvements to the Flex signup application.
  • Allowing customers to pay their next instalment early.

There are a couple of other bits but these are the ones I feel comfortable sharing on here. No promises that all of these will be done in 3 - 6 months but I’d expect to see at least a few more of these ticked off :slight_smile:




Pay from pot be great…… and pay loans and plus/premium from pot also please.


Not another one :see_no_evil:

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Cannot wait for this. Thanks for saying it’s coming :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Actually really like this one. I made an early payment when trying it out and found the way it deducts from final payment first strange. It makes sense, but I thought it might be more like a mortgage overpayment where you can choose to reduce your payment amount, or term, rather than starting at the end. :slight_smile:


It’s weird as the loan offering allows you to do this, for whatever reason the 2 products don’t share the same mechanics of working. I’ll be happy once it’s possible to pay the instalment early.

Nice… just seen that my Flex payments have been taken off my ‘left to spend’ amount. For a second I was like where the hell did my money go.

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Mine too.

I’m in two minds over how they show it in Summary though.

Currently it’s split across various categories relative to the categories of the flex transactions that are part of the monthly payment.

Nothing wrong with that, but I was expecting, and would perhaps prefer, the Flex payment to be treated as it’s own thing, like it would be in the feed.


Flex declined, £1k overdraft no problems…

Doesn’t matter if you are moving to Chase I guess. :man_shrugging:t2:

Not the point. I could have used Monzo flex for the larger payments.

Not to mention, flex declined, but ok with £1k overdraft