Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Isn’t that just crazy though, the only way to move forward is if an employee on the forum sees it.

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Well no, the official answer is the one you’ve been given for whatever reason.

Hoping an employee on here sees it might either mean they can change the answer or more likely, explain to you why your eligibility has changed.

That doesn’t work unfortunately.

You still get the old styled card but as mentioned it’s not a big deal.

@iankent already confirmed on this thread that they have a fix for this on their roadmap.

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I didn’t realise there were different Flex cards. What do they all look like?

Monzo Plus Flex


Here you go

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Thank you both :blush:

The hot coral one looks cool!

Not really. There is no “moving forward” on this. I know it’s what you’d like but that doesn’t mean it’s available.

The forum interaction is a random bonus most people won’t have access to and no-one can rely on. The only argument we’ve got here is that forum help was unfair and shouldn’t have happened but I’d much rather employees have leeway for exceptional kindness rather than be unnecessarily rule-bound in their every public interaction.


So it’s selectively exceptional customer service instead of just good customer service. Naturally the latter would be better but I see your point.

FWIW - You’d get exactly the same answer on here as you would with chat in the app. If the previous people had got in contact with customer service in the app first it would have had the same result - it just so happens that i saw their questions on here first. :slight_smile:

There are lots of different reasons for why you might not be eligible (a good portion of which aren’t your credit score) - given what you said above about being eligible and then not 4 days later and from the in app chat response - I’m highly confident I know the reason and I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about it :frowning_face: otherwise i would have offered to take a look. All i can really say is sorry.


Quick question, I have searched and can’t see it’s been asked previously.

When I search transactions in my main account feed, it doesn’t include any transactions made with my Flex card. I assume this is expected behaviour, on the basis it is essentially a different account (in the same way my joint account isn’t included when searching my main account).

However, is this something that could be changed - i.e. include Flex transactions within the search? It seems a little odd if I was looking for a particular transaction in 12 months time that I have to remember whether it was flexed or not in order to find it, when the payments all come from the one account.

Secondly there doesn’t seem to be a search facility for Flex transactions, so in the above scenario I’d have to scroll through 12+ months of transactions to try and find the one I’m looking for.

Or is there something I’m missing/misunderstanding here?

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In the list view, tap the card, then feed and they are all there

This makes sense so I can also see why it is done this way. Merging them would be a bit messy and confusing in my opinion.

What you essentially want is a “global search” so you can search business, joint, personal and Flex accounts in one go. Or whatever accounts you select in the search form.

I know ios have more granular search than us Android people so it may already be a thing :man_shrugging:


Yup - that’s the expected behaviour for the reason you mentioned.

The search functionality is a good suggestion though - i’ll share this internally :slight_smile:


I’ve had a refund from ASOS which was a part refund on total Flex purchase. I’m sure the notification said ‘your refund has been returned to Flex’ but it didn’t. I had to manually pay it off. Perhaps someone else can confirm as I forgot to take a screen shot.

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Unfortunately this is down to how the merchant processes refunds - some will get returned straight to Flex, some you’ll have to pay off manually. Agree the notification text should be clearer though. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s sort of my point. They are all there (and I’d found the feed) but there’s no way of searching them.

To try and explain, I spent £114 on my wife’s present on my virtual Flex card. If the item is faulty in November 2022 and the shop do the usual ‘do you have the card you paid on’, I’ll have to:
A) remember I bought it on Flex;
B) scroll back through 11 months of flex transactions to confirm I’m correct.

Whereas if I could just search all ‘sole’ transactions, to include main account and Flex, then I would be able to find the transaction much more easily.


A global search facility, across ALL transactions on sole, joint, Flex and business would be brilliant!


I’m iOS and I don’t think we have this facility either - would be really good though.

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I know that in an ideal world this would indeed be the case, but sadly as lots of posts on here have demonstrated I feel that this is hardly ever the case. If one’s lucky enough to get through a COp who knows their stuff then yes, you can be confident you’ve got the right answer otherwise the Community appear to have more product knowledge than the average COp

But this is perhaps better suited in another thread