Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

Hey everyone :wave: We’ve got some really big news…

Today we’re launching Monzo Flex! :person_cartwheeling:

A few of you (ahem) guessed a couple of weeks back that something new might be coming. And you were absolutely right :clap:

Monzo Flex lets you spread the cost of purchases over 3 months interest free, or over 6 or 12 months at 19% APR (variable). If approved, you’ll get your own credit limit that you can use to flex, all in your Monzo app.

You told us the problems you face when borrowing money :no_entry:

There are already a few ways to spread the cost of purchases over time. But customers told us none of them quite hit the mark.

Why do you need to reapply every time? Why do some of them only work at a few retailers? And why can’t you have more flexibility in how you pay back?

Lots of questions, and here’s our answer: Monzo Flex.

Use Monzo Flex online and in store, wherever you use Monzo :person_cartwheeling:

Use it pretty much anywhere you use Monzo online and in store, to pay for pretty much anything you want, over £30. You’re not limited to a few places to spend. And you can wind back the clock, by choosing to flex transactions you made in the last 2 weeks.

If you’re eligible, we’ll give you a pre-approved credit limit you only apply for once. So no checks at check out. And you can flex as many purchases as you like, as long as the total spend is within your limit.

Want to pay us back early? Sure, there’s no fee for that. If you want more time, you can edit your instalment plan to pay back over a longer period. And we don’t charge extra fees if you pay us back late.

Register now for early access :envelope_with_arrow:

We’re inviting people to get early access to Monzo Flex from today. Tell us you’re interested in the app and we’ll let you know when your invitation is ready. We’ll be inviting more people every week!

Want to know more? Head to our website to learn about Flex.


I’ve signed up…

Can’t wait for this:


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I think you can tell us


In it to win it :sunglasses:


I’ll add it when I’m ready! Jeez


No rush, take your time

We’ll just wait


Look at us being patient


We’ll flex on when we expect it :eyes:

Weird flex but okay.


Monzo Flex seems very similar to Curve Credit…?

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But… better?




Looks like it’s official. Launching today.

  • can be used on payments over £30, both online and in person, which seems like a strategic advantage over Klarna!
  • No fees on payments split into 3
  • Splits of longer than 3 will have a fee.

Seems like a great product! :clap:




Very interesting.

I think this is very much exactly what folks were hoping for.

Seems to be a pot. Can retroactively choose to pay for a transaction using credit after you’ve bought it using debit within 14 days, whilst still benefiting from section 75. One thing the screenshots don’t reveal, is whether or not this special pot essentially gets its own card (virtual or physical).

I think this is a very neat approach to offering credit though. Good product, Monzo!

Don’t think it can compete with PayPal for me though. Nothing beats 4 months interest free, and regular 12-48 month interest free instalment offers for select merchants. Will be a nice supplement for smaller purchases. Plays well with Monzo Plus. Keep earning that 1% interest on your balance for longer.

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Out of curiosity, how would credit reporting work for this? Would Flex be classed as an overdraft, new credit account, or loan of sorts?


Interesting. Looks like an improved version of something Monzo used to offer in the past.

Not sure I’ll use it, but it’s interesting to see… will wait for the full rollout to see the finer details and UX of it all

19%APR for 6 or 12 instalments. :grimacing:




Soon you’ll also be able to pay directly from Flex, in person and online, using a virtual Flex card. We’re working hard to add this feature as soon as we can.