Introduce yourself 👋

I am Theodore i am an IT Tech


Hi Theo,

Welcome to the community,

Do you specialise in anything?

Hi everyone, I knew about the community since a while, but I never registered an account until now. I am a UX designer and fascinated how Monzo empowers their users, going beyond what’s already available and doing something good for the future.

I started using Monzo two years ago and switched to full around one year ago. Happy about it :slight_smile:



Hi My name is Godfrey. I have an active account on y mobile but I want to able to use it on my tablet and laptop/desktop, is this possible. I got here thinking I was registering for the desktop version :smiley:


Hi Godfrey & welcome :wave:

The Monzo app is designed for phones only, although with a bit of work, can be made to work on some tablets and chromebooks.

There is an emergency web portal which can be accessed via browser on tablet/laptop/desktop ( but the primary use for this is to help if you lose your card/phone.

A richer, web-based experience exists for Monzo Business account holders and it is hoped this will roll out to Personal/Joint account holders in the near future.

Enjoy :monzo: !


Thank you my next request is to open a business account and I will need the services of a crowdfunding investor for my business. Please help!

You can apply for a business account through the app or by clicking the button on this page:

Why do you require the assistance of an investor?

Thank you. I need to raise money for the business

Ahhh OK. You’ll have to get all the terms set etc and you’re probably best using a crowd funding platform. Good luck with it all :blush:


I am unable to open an account. I get so far and it stops. I’ve seen some of your instructions about checking camera and sound are working. Does this apply to Smartphone. O only want it on my IPad



A few people have mentioned that they’d like better iPad support because I don’t believe it is officially supported. Which iPad do you have and what version of iOS are you on?

I’d try doing the setup on your mobile phone to see if that works, if not, let us know which stage you get up to and what errors you see. Hopefully that will help us pinpoint where the issue is :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m Joshua, I have many hats really. I’ve been a Monzo user since the start of 2018, however I have only just started to use the community!

I’m a sociology student at university with a focus on data science and quantitative methods, and I’m also a Mental Health First Aid instructor! One of my biggest things in that job recently has been shifting to online delivery.

(If anyone is interested in becoming a mental health first aided or doing any other sort of training, have a look at


Hi Joshua & welcome :wave:

Have fun interacting with the forum!

Hi I am eggers & im an old fish I’m a grandmother & technology hates me.

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Hello :wave:

How are you finding Monzo so far?

It’s great so much easier to use than other banks. The only problem I have is that I keep getting random payments going out, to people & places I’ve never heard of

are these card payments? If yes freeze your card immediately as someone could have got hold of your card number

Have you reported that you didn’t make the payments?

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Hi, I’ve just joined Monzo after recommendations from my daughter and her boyfriend. Sounds like a sensible way to limit my ‘flash cash’.


Hi, I’m new to this forum.

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Hi, another newbie here :wave:

Been lurking on the forums since I joined monzo the other month, so thought I should sign up!

Slowly becoming #fullmonzo by manually moving stuff over to keep my old account alive.