Introduce yourself 👋

(Chris Thomas) #1155

Ask me something about this planet that only someone from this planet would know about this planet. But not about plants, I know nothing about plants. :wink:

(John McAllister ) #1156

Retired engineer. Just wish this type of Banking had been available years ago. Been with Santander for as long as I can remember but Monzo has impressed the hell out if me. My Santander 123 acct offers interest otherwise I would ditch the lot in favour of Monzo.


General construction extentions, new builds , oak frames

(Splodf) #1158


I’ve design timber trussed roofs, no doubt you’ve seen a few of them!


Do you know when the next investment will be ?

(Splodf) #1160

Might not be another. Nothing announced as of yet!

(Dee K Rose) #1161

Hi, im Dee, introduced by my daughter who is a bonafidi Monzonite. Looking forward to creating better financial health

(Aaron Goodwin) #1162

Hi Richard, I am Aaron, I have been with monzo now since September 18.
And I have been looking for an account like this for years, I was introduced by a friend and I am just about to do all my banking with monzo, the account is fantastic and the add ons are brilliant, you guys could not have brought a better of banking to the financial table.
I am a hard working and busy family man who likes the outdoors especially with the kids, other hobbies are baking, drawing and design and photography

(Najma) #1163

Hi :wave:

I’m Najma, part of the Calls team. I’ve been at Monzo for just over 3 months so I’m practically part of the furniture now :smiley:

(James Herbert ) #1164

Hey all, I’m Herbie, a COp here at the London Monzo office :wave:

I’ve been working here for a little under three months now and want to engage more with the awesome Monzo community :rocket:

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(Leanne Curtin) #1167

Hi all
I’m Leanne and I’ve been watching Monzo for about a year but I’ve finally taken the plunge to join the community. I’m excited for my card to arrive :clap:

I work with the local council of my area helping people who need it and I volunteer for the local Cats Protection Branch which made me realise having three cats does not qualify me as a crazy cat lady but I’m not far off haha!

I have opened a joint account here aswell with my other half and was wondering people’s thoughts on the switch service as we have a joint account already but he is unsure about doing the full switch, any thoughts welcome.


(Splodf) #1168

Welcome aboard.

As a two cat man I couldn’t entertain having a third. My two don’t like each other very much and constantly bicker.

(Leanne Curtin) #1169

Thanks for the welcome.
We had a similar situation, two were my partners and one was mine… Then we merged households! Nightmare, but we used some pheromone spray/diffuser and thst helped settle them down. (I don’t remember what it was called…)

Theres always room for another hehe!

(Nicholas Adams) #1170

:grinning: Hi Everyone and thank you for accepting me into your community.
Im a Ui designer and a fan of Monzo.
you can view some of my work here :


(Rachel Raybould) #1171

Omg cat :cat: buddies!
I am going to start at my local branch too soon.

(James Herbert ) #1173

Welcome :smile:

(Charlotte Brown) #1174

Thanks a lot for the opportunity! Will happily be with you!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #1175

Ummmm… thanks I guess :flushed:

(Nicholas Pitt) #1176

I am Nick. Maybe a bit older than the targeted audience. Background in computer systems engineering so always attracted to something tech based. Thought I would take a look at the new school in banking. Will see what time will tell.