Introduce yourself 👋

(Andrew Squires) #1134

Hi My Names Andy I live in Southport. I opened a Monza account just a couple of weeks ago. I friend told me about the no charges for foreign transactions & I liked the set up of the app & bank. To be honest ive just started transferring the odd pence amounts from my Other current account to try Monza out & already I’ve save about £42 in shrapnel change. I’m looking forward at some point to using the card & would at some point like to invest in the bank in the next possible Crowdfunding??? I’m a Liverpool fan & enjoying the footie at present. Looks like the future is bright for Monza

(Elliot ) #1135

Hi I’m elliot and I’m hoping to use monzo to increase my financial control.

(David Grant) #1136

:wave: Hi! I’ve been with Monzo since the beta. Recently introduced my wife to Monzo before she went abroad and now we’re looking at going #FullMonzo over the next couple of weeks!

(Jordan) #1137

Just completed your survey pal! Hope the diss goes well and good luck!

(JJ Hassan) #1138

Hi hi! I’m JJ. I’m a Londoner but I’ve moved progressively further north and I’m now settled in Glasgow where I work in the NewSpace industry as a software engineer. Programming for me is part hobby part career, and I like to get involved in coding dojos, hackathons, and game jams. I’m also a major foodie, and I’m quite biased towards South-West & Central Chinese food (half of my family is based in Guizhou).


I’m Dan, I have signed up for a Monzo account to see how it compares with the competition.


Welcome Dan! Let us know your findings…

(Jake Marshall) #1141

Hey I’m Jake,

I’m a COp based in our Cardiff office :sheep:

I’ve been with Monzo for the past few months and I’m really excited to get to know all of you lovely people in the community :rocket:

(Louis Boston) #1142

Hi Everyone :wave:

My name is Louis and I’ve had the privilege of working for Monzo since August 2018! I’m based in the Cardiff office and have absolutely loved my time here so far!

I’m currently in the London Head Office getting to know more of the team and besides being a bit star struck - I’ve loved my time here and I’ve been spoilt rotten!

I’m married to my lovely wife Tash and I love a bit of football, not so much watching these days - I’m more into playing but my dodgy knee k̶e̶p̶t̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶l̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶s̶ ̶W̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ ̶C̶u̶p̶ restricts my playing time :disappointed:

I have just recently started an Instagram page tracking my workouts under the guise, The Gainsville Don - my aim is to inspire and help everyday people get into fitness and de-mystify going to the gym and getting fit. I’ve not been too active the last day or so as I’m in The Big Smoke but The Gainsville Don will be back with a vengeance on the weekend - give me a lil’ follow if this sparks your interest :raised_hands:

I’m excited to get chatting to all you great people in the Community and if you want to shout me a holla, please feel free :blush:

(Gavin) #1144

Hello all! I’m Gavin, I live in Cardiff and discovered :monzo: when I heard they were setting up an office in my fair city.

:monzo: has made me excited about money and budgeting for the first time in a very long time and I’m looking forward to seeing how this new bank develops in the future.


Hey there folks.

I’ve been with Monzo since June 2017, but I’ve taken my sweet time getting on here!

I guess the recent post about ‘what we’ll build in 2019’ galvanised me to get on here and start getting more involved.
Looking forward to exporting my finances into a CSV file for some hot spreadsheet action; plus I’m really keen to see what Monzo might be able to do for mortgages.

Hope you’re all having a good day :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #1146

IFTTT can export to a spreadsheet on the fly.

You might like that…

Oh and welcome aboard!

(Rebecca Quinlan) #1147

Hi all,

Just used CASS to move from my FlexBasic (Nationwide) to Monzo at the end of January.

Loving it so far. The clarity of seeing where my money has gone immediately is great, no more vague pending transactions listed only as “Visa Debit transaction”.

Not quite full Monzo yet, I still have another account remaining with Nationwide, but maybe in the future.

Already used IFTTT to join The Penny Saving Challenge. As well as saving money when I run with Strava.

I think Monzo is really going to help me get my finances under control.

(Jon Moss) #1148

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m Jon and live in East Yorkshire. I’m an original Mondo Beta user and a huge fan of what you are doing with Monzo.

I founded the tech community up here in Hull, ran a meetup group with over 165 meetups and 1200 members, ran three conferences and also co-founded the innovation / co-working space in the city.

I’ve run by own business for over ten years consulting around marketing and technology. I am a cyclist, runner, and love traveling. I also host a podcast called the Remarkable Business Show >> (neglected it completely last year - more episodes coming soon!).

Nice to be here :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


PS I’m also a big coffee enthusiast and home barista :coffee:

(Jacob Wood) #1149



I began using Monzo back in 2015 when it was called Mondo & issued Beta cards :grin:

I am a huge fan of the work you are doing to build a better bank for people all over the world :clap:

I will be starting a new role @Flux as a Business Analyst and look forward to working together to disrupt traditional financial services - putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do.

I wanted to join this community to understand more about Monzo’s direction & learn from the best at creating a unique user experience.

This intro seems like a good first step :man_technologist:

You can find me on Linkedin here where I’m usually the most active:

Viva la FinTech revolution :facepunch:

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #1150

What a breath of fresh air Monzo has been. Only had my account for a couple of weeks (and a joint one with my partner) but I’m already raving about it to friends and family.

I’m a bit of a geek/Apple fanboy, so all the little design touches really do make things so much more fun to use.

I actually work for a bank (no names) as a Business Analyst, so appreciate the effort that has gone into Monzo so far, and the myriad of restrictions and legislation that needs to be accomodated.

Other than that, you’ll find me out and about walking round Glasgow, or up a hill somewhere when time allows. If not, I’m at home dabbling with websites, reading books, and walking our two little Staffies.


Hi I am newbie here just getting to know my way around
First I am in the construction game . I am always looking for technology that will make life easier so the less time spent in the office the better .
I use receipt bank for invoice recognition linked with Xero accounts .
I really like Monzo for the real time notifications now where you are straight away.
I would like to have a business Monzo that does the same
I Would love to develop a real time accounting system
Cheers Dave

(Splodf) #1152

Welcome aboard. What do you do in construction?

(Chris Thomas) #1153

Hi there, I’m Chris and I’m a human being living on planet earth. I have to use money to buy and do stuff which Monzo is facilitating. I’m on this forum because I have a suggestion which I will post in the relevant section.
Speak soon you cheeky Monzeez


We’re gonna need proof of that. We are very tightly regulated around here! :wink: