Introduce yourself 👋

(Rachel Raybould) #834

Hi I am a temporary worker here at Monzo. :wave:
I am focusing in getting Merchant Reviews corrected over my last few weeks of my temp work before I leave.
Have any logos that need changing just put it in the Merchant Feedback thread and wait for me to reply! :heart:

p.s. My official job is technically BizOps

(Paloma Del Amo) #835

Yes, I’m paid in pounds. And I was thinking how to do it, because in UK I don’t spend much money. All my expenses are in Spain and euros.


If you are getting paid by a UK employer for your work here they should be able to pay you in your Monzo account.

Monzo is great for card spending in Spain, you will get real exchange rate without paying any sort of fees, but as others said just be aware that there is only £200 free withdrawal allowance if you need to take out cash.

(Paloma Del Amo) #837

Thank you. I will keep it in mind.

(Jack) #838

I recommend using TransferWise to get paid in pounds then converting it into euros to spend as you wish in Spain.

(Paloma Del Amo) #839

Is it possible to get paid to Transfer wise, Jack?

(Jack) #840

Yes you can. You get a uk account number and sort code to go with it. Take a look here:

(Andra-Ariana Burdea) #841

Hi, I am Andra
I live in London and I want to be part of this community.


You’re already! Because you posted this :smiley:


(Nicola Halsall) #843

Hi, I’m Nic, I’m a mature full time student, studying for a BA Hons in business and HR management. I’m also a part time civil servant.
I’m a single parent to an 11 year old girl.
My interests are rock music, gigs, reading, my running club, girl guiding, movies, cooking and binge watching far too much Netflix.
I’m hoping that the monzo card will help me to budget while I am studying.

(Barney Lodge) #844

Love Monzo, love my wife, love my daughter’s new puppy.

I am over 70 so I have every right to be a miserable and disagreeable and with all this wonderful new technology, I wonder why so many large companies have appalling customer service.

Monzo is just great on customer service.

I wish Monzo could also supply my electricity and gas.


Welcome !! Great post

Maybe not supply it, but soon they’ll be able to help you switch suppliers to better rates from within the app and a few clicks!! :slight_smile:

(Steven Attewell) #846

Hi, I’m Steve - I’m Senior User Experience Designer at Ordnance Survey, Britain’s national mapping agency. I am constantly in awe at the design, commitment to customers, honesty, and transparency at Monzo.

Just read this…

…and felt compelled to register and say I’ve been there, had the ‘balance of technical debt’ argument but didn’t win it :frowning: Well done for spotting the issue, being honest about it, and telling us how you came to fix the dev process.

(Aiden bailey) #847

Hi everyone
My name’s Aiden. I’ve recently become a full Monzo user, I switched banks a couple of weeks ago & am loving the “Humanity”, “Authenticity” & “Clarity” that Monzo brings to banking. xxx

(Sachin Pande) #848

Hi, I’m Sachin :wave:. Software developer living and working in Bath. I’ve been using Monzo since it was in beta but only just signed up to the community forum. I can be a bit of lurker but hoping to be active in the forum. I recently moved my current account to Monzo and loving it. I love playing games (video and board), tinkering, reading (mostly fantasy or sci-fi), buying gadgets (too many tbh).

(Paul) #849

Hello all. Welcome and enjoy. It’s a great community


Hi there just introducing myself… Ayo is my name and I’m a fairly standard user of Monzo. It’s not my main account yet but I end up sending my salary over anyway… lol.

I came on here to see if there was a way to find out your friend’s (contacts with Monzo accounts) bank details. I’m struggling to set up a standing order. Surely there must be an easy way without asking but I can’t seem to find it!

(Roy Hillis) #851

Hey, just moved all my direct debits across finally to get the full monzo experience :slight_smile:

A bit controversial, I’m the manager of a data science team in one of the big 6 UK banks. Love the pace here and excited to see where you guys take it.

My hobbies are bodybuilding and motor racing. I dislike politics!

(Leonie Orr) #852

Hiya, just introducing myself! New user of Monzo, currently wondering whether to go full monzo, don’t know whats stopping me ah! :smiley:

(Matt C) #853

Welcome. The answer is, nothing is stopping you! :rofl: I recently went full monzo and it all went super smoothly. No regrets!