Introduce yourself 👋

(Tez Watson) #813

Hi I’m Tez - a sixty year old freelance graphic designer and RAF Reservist living and working in Moray. I run a classic car (1975 MGB roadster) and I’m a member of Historic Wheels Club, I write poetry (and some prose) with forWORDS, sing in a large community choir called SingMoray and cycle a fair bit when the weather is favourable.

As well as paid work I do some work for local charities at no cost to them unless there’s materials involved.

My commitments to the RAF absorb roughly two days a week and I served as a Regular for twenty-one years as an avionics technician.

As you can see from my pic I’m not afraid to stand out from the crowd but that’s not what I was like in my youth I was very shy. Hah!

My son introduced me to Monzo and I’m clueless to how it operates but I’ll give it a go.




Hi, I’m Jane and I love getting my world organised - events, people, projects, processes - I’m the Batman to entropy! Get a huge kick out of fine UserX, that’s why I’m with Monzo! :heart_eyes: I also love flying (gliders, microlights, that kind of thing) and recently developed passion for investing. Excited about joining this community :tada:

(R) #815

Just registered on here but i’ve been with Monzo for probably 8/9 months now. very good customer service (via Twitter for me usually!).
I’m from London and I working in social housing (stress). Loving Monzo so far !


Good to see new people on board welcome all.

(Steve) #817

Continuing the discussion from Introduce yourself :wave::

I have been retired since 2013. I joined Monzo a week ago. I have been looking for a suitable challenger bank after having been with a traditional bank for 48 years. I am currently trying it out with a view to using it as main bank account in coming months. It’s still early days but so far I am very impressed, particularly the immediate notifications, ease of setting up payments and use abroad. Use of technology is very impressive and hopefully over time more developments will be made. Setting up a savings account would be the icing on the cake!

(Kaung) #818

Hello :slight_smile:

Just a regular dude from Southampton working in Denim company! Found this Monzo company while I was browsing through playstore for mobile banking! Very unique app So I hoped on :slight_smile: seems like community is quite strong! Not very interesting about myself to be honest! but if you want a great chat! Just hola at me!

(Rafael Rodrigues Machado) #819

Hello! :call_me_hand:

I’m Rafael. I work as Product Designer at Agibank, a new digital bank from Brazil. It’s impossible to test Monzo here yet, but I will continue to follow this community and sharing my experience with this great product. :slight_smile:

My hobbies include listen music, read books, travel, travel and travel :stuck_out_tongue:

Tks :slight_smile:


Keen to hear more. Are you taking inspiration from the British neobanks?

Oh, and welcome, by the way. Great to have you here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(J L Sherriff) #821

Hi. I am from Nottingham UK and also live in Greece for part of each year. Just got my Monzo card but having clicked the link in my email I’m just getting the "timer wheel " going round constantly. Very frustrating. Any ideas why? Could it be my crap internet speed? (Although I had no trouble downloading the app!) Thanks.


Kill the App on your phone if that doesn’t work turn your phone off and on. You can also try to reinstall Monzo app.

(Max Vickery) #823

From Southampton as well. Glad you found Monzo!

(J L Sherriff) #824

Thanks for the tip. I’d already uninstalled and reinstalled the app five times but it still does the same thing. Have now tried rebooting my phone a few times too but still nothing. Frustrated of Nottingham dot com!!!

(🦡🦡🦡🦡🍄🍄) #825

In that case email and they should be able to figure out the problem

(J L Sherriff) #826

Thanks. I already did that last night and they’re now trying to find a solution for me. Thanks again for your help.

(J L Sherriff) #827

The guys at Monzo have sorted my problem!

In case this happens to anyone else, if you get the black screen with the wheel in the middle turning incessantly, tap in the top right of your screen which should bring up an option to SKIP. In my case I just tapped on the top right of my screen and suddenly I was in. Which was nice!:grin:

Cheers guys.

Monzo App Stuck on Finding Friends
(Kaung) #828

Nice to have someone who have Monzo in Southampton :smiley: hello!

(Jack) #829

Welcome all new users!

Nice to see so many people joining :+1:t3:
Hope you all enjoy being part of the community! :mondo:

(David I) #830

Great to hear Monzo support team are so responsive. I hope the resto of your experiences are as good.


Also from Nottingham :smiley:

(Paloma Del Amo) #831

Hi. My name is Paloma. I’m from Spain and I live two weeks in UK working as Live in Carer and two weeks in Spain, resting. Some friends told me Monzo was a good option to get paid by my company and easy to use in both country’s, UK and Spain. What do you think?

(Jack) #832

Welcome Paloma!

I’d probably suggest the TransferWise boarderless account as it allows you to hold multiple currencies on one card. Which may appeal to you?