Introduce yourself 👋

(Matt C) #794

I’m Matt from Bristol. Loving Monzo so far! Great customer service, love the feeling of being involved with the community and helping to shape future developments. Can’t wait to see the evolution continue!


Hi, I’m Sean! I’m 17 and signed up to Monzo a week or so ago, I’m now going to get my wages paid into my Monzo account!

(Jack) #796

Welcome @behaghel, @SmoochySimon, @BristolMatt & @seanlloydy :wave:

@SmoochySimon cash deposits are being worked on as we speak. I beilive we’re due for an update closer to the end of the year. You can read more here: How do you deposit cash? [Feedback thread]

Hope you all enjoy being a part of the community!


Hello everyone :wave:

I’m Mathew, from South Wales, and I work in marketing. Geek at heart so love the idea of banks like Monzo and seeing what they come up with.

I signed up to the Monzo community a few days ago but only now getting around to say hi!

(Jack) #798

Welcome @Parker,

Fellow South Wales user here :raised_hands:


Diolch yn fawr @Jackcrwhitney!

(Chin sew ying) #800

Hi Brenda, I m fr kl .I will b visiting for 72 days n unsure if I should apply fr s Munzo current or savings acct to get the contactless card fr London underground.are there any fixed monthly n maintenance charges n if yes, how much are they n is there a minimum period the acct must be active without penalty charges ? I m very wary if I transferred funds n the funds do not get credited into the Munzo account.please advice.

(Jack) #801

Hi @sychin :wave:,

If you’re only visiting the UK for a small period of time and are looking for some way to use contactless on the underground you may be better off picking up an oyster card:

Monzo is a UK Current Account and isn’t really designed for users visiting the UK on short trips/holidays.

(John) #802

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

John here originally from Scotland but currently living in England … joined Monzo a couple of months ago and love it - just getting round to registering on here!

(Jack) #803

Welcome! :wave:

Are you full Monzo yet? :eyes:

(John) #804

Sure am! I joined just after I got paid so I had to wait another full month for my first salary to go in to Monzo but all done now :smiley:

(Chin sew ying) #805

I m staying for 2 over months n I have a Uk address

Can you provide information on the monthly maintenance and fixed costs and the minimum period that account must be kept active for this and future visits?


(Jack) #806

@sychin You’ll find the answers you need here:

Do I need to be a UK resident?

Yes, you currently need to be resident in the UK to get a Monzo card. We hope to launch internationally in the future though!

What fees do you charge?

We don’t charge any fees for using Monzo day-to-day. Payments in the UK, cash withdrawals in the UK and payments abroad are all free, with no added fees. If you’re withdrawing cash abroad, you can withdraw up to £200/month for free, after which you’ll be charged a 3% fee. You can still make payments in shops, restaurants and online for free though, even when abroad.

(Eve) #807

Generally UK residents are defined as people who mainly live in the UK (min 6 months), but I’m not sure if Monzo defines this a different way.

Jack has listed the relevant info in his post, but just a point- if you’re planning to transfer the money into Monzo, you’ll need to use Transferwise or something to receive international payments, as receiving international payments directly isn’t supported yet.

(Jack) #808

@sychin Here’s a link for you to check out

(Chin sew ying) #809


1 What is the minmum period a Munzo savings or current account must be kept before allowed to close ? Is there a closure n opening fee?

2 I have a UK address and staying for 74 days : does that qualify me to be a UK resident?

3 Does Munzo has a Visa card linked to either savings or current?



We’re mostly just customers here, so can’t really talk on behalf of Monzo. It might be best to email them on for definitive answers.

That said, here’s my take:

No fees nor (I don’t think) a minimum period. But it does sound a bit like a UK bank account might not be the best fit for you. Atypical activities might also be potential indicators of fraud (even if you’re not doing anything bad!) so again proceed with caution.

Legally no. In the eyes of Monzo I don’t know.

Monzo (with an “o” :wink:) is just a current account. It uses MasterCard - different name, but essentially the same thing as Visa.

When are you coming? What brings you over here? :slight_smile:

Oh, and welcome to the UK in advance! :uk:

PS can anyone explain tqvm please?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #811

Thank you very much?


Cheers! (Or tqvm :wink:)


(Tez Watson) #813

Hi I’m Tez - a sixty year old freelance graphic designer and RAF Reservist living and working in Moray. I run a classic car (1975 MGB roadster) and I’m a member of Historic Wheels Club, I write poetry (and some prose) with forWORDS, sing in a large community choir called SingMoray and cycle a fair bit when the weather is favourable.

As well as paid work I do some work for local charities at no cost to them unless there’s materials involved.

My commitments to the RAF absorb roughly two days a week and I served as a Regular for twenty-one years as an avionics technician.

As you can see from my pic I’m not afraid to stand out from the crowd but that’s not what I was like in my youth I was very shy. Hah!

My son introduced me to Monzo and I’m clueless to how it operates but I’ll give it a go.