Introduce yourself 👋


yes just downloaded the app… silly me


Excellent :+1:

Once you get your card you will get greater visibility over what your spending all your money on and can set a budget to help you stay on target.

The forum has information on all aspects of the app as well as info on other services that can help eg apps that help you save. Also every other topic under the sun, or it seems like it

Enjoy :+1:

(Angela ) #509

Hi Richard! I’m a teacher from Scotland and love to travel with my family. A well travelled colleague of mine recommended this card and community, so I am looking forward to getting started with it and exploring how it all works.


Welcome to the community.

(Uatu) #511


I am The Watcher :eyes:

If you seek to know more then I invite you to look at my profile also known as a “Bio”.


Give my love to Stan Lee :grin:

(Uatu) #513



Hello! I’m James, been using Monzo for some time now but only really used it going holidays and the odd purchase here and there, but I’m now making the move to full monzo soon and getting a joint account with my wife. It’s such a breath of fresh air compared to other banks.

I’m from Glasgow. I’m a massive foodie. I also love dogs (greyhounds especially - I have one), movies and basketball. I also love that there’s this forum on here. Such a cool idea for a bank and not something you’d really see anywhere else.

(Richard Cook) #515

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(Kelvin Papp) #516

Hi Everyone… I’m Kelvin, just joined the forums today having signed up to Monzo a few weeks back.

I live in Wimborne, Dorset and work in IT as a Product Manager for an MSP. My background is technical, so my Product “hat” is occasionally swapped out for a Consulting / PreSales one. Every day is an adventure! What little free time I have, I tend to spend with my wife and two daughters… or at the gym / on the river in a kayak! :grinning:

Currently using Monzo fairly tentatively, although with the Joint Account announcement last week I don’t think it will be long until we transition our main account (just as soon as the CASS is available for JA’s!) :blush: I love what Monzo is doing to the banking industry, and the approach they are taking to progression / development… I’m looking forward to lots of new / exciting features as things progress!

(Andy) #517



What’s up Kelvin, welcome to the Monzo Community :slight_smile:


Hi im Kirsten, originally from Edinburgh and now work in consultancy in London :wave: I joined Monzo 2 years ago and love using your app!

I recently tried to create a barclays ping it account as a relative has recently sent me money on there and I’m trying to access. I went through all their account opening process and received an error code at the end. I spoke to Barclays ping it who referred me to the Monzo team to query. One of your customer services agents advised that Monzo does not support PingIt. I’d be keen for this to capability to be supported - is this on your roadmap currently??

Thanks! :slight_smile:


(Emily Jones) #520

:wave: Emily, originally from Swansea, living in Swindon, working in London. By day I’m a credit risk professional looking after customer management systems, by night I have a severe box set addiction. (Anyone watch the latest season of the Bridge?). I like to say I’m a tech nerd but I pale in comparison to some Monzonauts that I’ve come across. With Monzo since Beta phase.

(Jack) #521

Welcome :wave:t3: @klockyer, @Emilyj27, @Lees, @kelvinpapp !

Hope you enjoy what you find here! Feel free to join in on any discussion, no one here bites! :blush:

If you have any questions you want to get off your chest here is a good place to start: :fast_forward: Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly 🙂)

(Uatu) #522

No welcome for The Watcher :unamused:

This action will be recorded :eyes:

(Jack) #523

:see_no_evil: my bad! Hey @TheWatcher :wave:t3::grinning: ,
You clearly are the watcher :eyes:

Out of interest what made you decide to try Monzo?

(Uatu) #524

Greetings Jack.

Thank you for your kind welcome.

As an omnipresent extra terrestrial I observe everything. :eyes:

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You don’t travel in time as well by any chance?

(Uatu) #526

I can use the power of the cosmos to manipulate perception and reality, however I cannot in the conventional sense, travel in time.

I know of the timelord called “The Doctor” and I have not yet had the privilege to meet an incarnation of them as yet, however I shall be delighted if the opportunity ever arises.