Introduce yourself 👋

Hi there!! I would like to know more about how to find the total value of monzo clients deposits in the annual report and if you have any intention on evolving in the future years into lending. Many thanks

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Hey all,

Names James, brand new to Monzo, I’d seen it in the past and I was a bit skeptical about it. Now that it’s bigger and I know people who use it, I’m now comfortable with it. Got my card through yesterday, I’m looking forward to Overdraft becoming available and seeing how well this works.

Things I’m interested in:

  • Football
  • Football Manager
  • Rugby
  • Other sports
  • Android
  • Gaming
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video

I work in the phone industry, but not a salesman =)


Hi Richard - I’m Suzie and really excited about joining this community, as I’m interested in digital innovation, especially around open banking and the interesting stuff you guys look to be doing at Monzo. I’m currently working in the telecoms industry, but my history is in banking, payments and transport. In my spare time I love nothing more than bobbing around on the sea in my motorboat :smiley:


Hello, I am new to Monzo! I recently moved to the UK from Australia and struggled (and often felt like I wasn’t welcome) with a lot of beaurocracy with opening a bank account here. Everything was sort of a Catch-22 where I had enough documentation to get a visa but not the right documentation to open a bank account (If the Queen let me in the country, why can’t I give a bank my money?!).

Anyway, amongst my tourist travels someone told me about Monzo and here I am! I am very excited about the transparency of fees and the great reviews about the app and tracking your spending. I hope to be able to settle into the UK more now I have a bank account.

At the moment I am loving the cold weather as it is so different from Australia and also having a bit of a chuckle at how much public transport is shutting down - Soz.

Thank you for accepting internationals Monzo!


Hello Richard

How you?
I’m an ex surfer dude who came to England with £50 in my pocket - to make his fortune.
Started in construction as a laborer & over the years worked myself up to the top.

I have a Construction Management Ltd Company & have been looking into getting into home maintenance.
But then bitcoin came along - I have had a lot of problems with banks over Bitcoin & was just wondering what Monzo’s stance is on Bitcoin.

They seem to be bitcoin friendly - do they mind people buying Bitcoin with there Monzo cards & if so - how much do they mind people buying a day.


Seems like they’re happy as long as you’re not exceeding Faster Payments limits.


Hello :slightly_smiling_face: i’m David and i am a complete financial data/analysis nerd.

Received my current account card yesterday and have spent all day today working out how best to utilise Monzo!


Isn’t it crazy how difficult it has been for people moving here to do something as basic as opening a bank account?

I have friends who’ve moved here from lots of different places and I’m happy that is an area we’ve been able to address!

The high street banks are lagging very far behind in this area. One friend had to wait like 2 weeks to get some kind of appointment with Barclays!


Rjevski - Thanks for replying mate - Lol so long as all our sensible standards are the same mate. LOL again.
While FPS limits are generally £25000 a day I see there is a spending limit on Monzo for £10000 a day & an additional £10000 a day for Monzo to Monzo.
So technically speaking I could buy Bitcoin for £20000 a day - lol.
In my dealings with crypto currencies I have noticed a lot of Monzo users out there.
040004 Cant miss that sort code.


SimonB wait till you have a problem at the bank & they tell you to come in in a few weeks time.
Its ridiculous.

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Thought I’d introduce myself :wave:

I work as a COp on the early morning team - I joined about three months ago in December :christmas_tree: Absolutely loving it so far!

Outside of work I’m currently completing an MSc in Economics, I (occassionally) like to run, watch Netflix, play video games, etc. - the usual stuff! :blush:

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hey Another Jones

You sound just like my 21yr old son.
Good on you & welcome Mr.Jones.:sunglasses:


I have a feeling there’s a lot of Jones’ kicking about - not spoke to anyone called Ben Jones yet, but I expect that will happen one day! :see_no_evil:

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Hi, I’m Rob, a UX designer and design lead at IBM. From the moment I first applied for my Monzo card, using it abroad, to checking my spending, and the proactive customer service, I’ve been nothing but impressed and delighted at the thought that’s gone into every aspect of Monzo.


Hey Richard, firstly let me say that Monzo is revolutionizing my life. It does all of the things I wish my spreadsheet did, and more, all automatically! Amazing!

I love movies, good company and laughing with my girlfriend and mates.

Please to be part of this community!image


I’m very confused, what does a Monzo sort code, have to do with Cryptocurrency? :S

Hi! I’m new. Just getting my account up and running; quite excited about the Coin Jar. :pig2:

I also like cats. :grin:


Welcome! Tell us, is there a story behind that username?


Sounds like an old MSN chat name :joy:

Edit: Welcome!


Thank you! I had it earmarked for one of my Sims after seeing it on a (Reddit?) list of ridiculous names people have come across… so allegedly somewhere out there is the real thing.

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