Introduce yourself 👋

Thanks for the suggestion - listening now! :ear:

Hi I live on the Isle of Man.
I just tried to open an account with Monzo and was told I could not, due to my address?!

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Unfortunately the Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands have different financial regulations and so aren’t covered by the U.K. banking license Monzo hold

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Thanks for the heads-up

For the benefit of others, this is episode 13 as below:

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Hi guys,

I’m Aneisha (and this is Smudge my dog)


We love Monzo and all things furry. I’m co-founder of an ethical gut friendly pet food brand “Scrumbles” and have been a Monzo loyalist for a couple of years now. Looking forward to the business account opening!

P.S if anyone would like to try us, we’ve set up a discount for our Monzo pals using the code “Monzo” for 20% off


Welcome @aneisha308!

I think we have a thread for you here:


Hi i am new to the community :hugs: also new to monzo.
I am chris.
Love travelling to Thailand :pray:
Also enjoy abit of wild camping :camping:


Hello everyone! I have been a Monzo user since August 2017 but have only just joined the community forum. I was inspired to give my feedback on the Monzo Plus feature.

I am a freelance classical musician in London and enjoy cooking and cycling.

A quick question: How can I get the investor badge on the forum? Do I need to connect my account to my Monzo account?



Hi welcome.

The badge should be automatic if the forum email is the same as the account one, if it is the same email, I guess it could take sometime to update as you’re a new user so give it a day I reckon.

If not pm @cookywook and he should be able to sort it out (replies might take a bit).

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Great cheers, I’ll give it a day or two and then drop him a message.


HI all new to Monzo, having some trouble with the app on the phone, i can get to the verification page for the phone number, receive the code to the phone when i then enter code, i just get a page saying something went wrong??

Hi @Malcharr17, are you entering the code on the computer or phone?

HI Nick on the phone, i have an account set up card has arrived its all set on Apple Pay but i can’t access past this bloody page???

Sounds strange, have you force quit the app and tried again (or even re installed the app)?

Probably best to speak to Monzo directly if none of those work!

thanks have done both of these, how do you speak to Monzo direct please as i can’t seem to find direct link on website?? is the best way I believe.

There is also a number on your card :smiley:

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so there is thanks a lot!

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My name Ali and I’ve just joined Monzo! Having been with Lloyds for about 16yrs I’ve come to realise how slow banking is to change with the times. I was looking for apps to do simple things that my bank could probably do if they had someone innovative at the helm.

Finally I’ve found a bank that’s moving with the times. There’s still a lot of room for improvement but the key difference here is that Monzo are willing to listen and adapt.

I look forward to adding my ideas and talking with the community.


Hi I’m Terry from Scotland I love football and all things techno music :upside_down_face::wave:


I didn’t know Techno music was still a thing

It was probably just a hope though :grin:

Welcome, especially if you have glo sticks and a whistle