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Hi there,

Now that the current account is out of test mode, is it possible to transfer funds from my Monzo current account to a non UK bank? If so, what are the associated fees and exchange rate used?


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Hey @jake88,

Monzo doesn’t currently have SWIFT support and thus no IBAN/BIC. They are however looking at integrating it with Transferwise.

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And just to add to Hugh’s info, you should be able to use Transferwise manually even now. what Monzo is working now is like full, fancy integration, where you barely have to move a finger to send money. :wink:

In other words, if you need to move money to non-UK account, you can go ahead and send money via Transferwise even today. Transferwise allows you to pay for transfer (amount + fee) with a debit card and Monzo debit card should be accepted. You can check Transferwise fees easily on their homepage.

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